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Israeli and Palestinian Conflict

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Every place in this world is being owned just by luck of those people who are living in it. They are the only ones who have stayed there and who have fought for it. However, they are fortunate that they have had it. The same situation will also be sure to happen to the never-ending fight between Jews and Arabs for Palestine. Like the situations in other fights for a certain land, both parties claim that Palestine is their motherland. Jews try to point out that Palestine is a Jewish homeland and that they should create an independent Jewish life on that land in order to unite them to combat Jewish meaninglessness.

They want to form a strong nation that will showcase its Jewish culture that will also be passed on to their children. They only want to be the masters of their own fate without being dictated by anyone. On the other hand, they said they do not conquer fellowmen and seek for friendship instead (Meir, 1948). However, according to the Arabs, who are also telling that the Palestine is theirs by birthright historically, Jews are illegally alienating them. They are against the aggression being done by the Jews in trying to segregate them from their claimed land.

They are not given freedom and rights on the land where there are restricted areas for them. They also assert that the justice is bias in favour of the Jews because of several hearings that support the other side (Husseini, 1947). Both parties have strong points. Both have already invested so much blood for the sake of what they are fighting for. That is why it will appear unfair for whoever will lose the battle. As all of them sacrificed, the only solution is to give them all the right to have the land with equal treatment and without any segregation.

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This is not only bias to the Arabs who are only wanting to be given rights to their land but also to Jews who want to build their own culture in their own land since it will be a land of freedom and all of them are free to have their own culture in spite of differences that abound. That is what is already happening to lands with different but powerful culture. In this case, the fight will be over and at the same time both are expected to benefit from the cooperation that is going to exist.

Israeli and Palestinian Conflict essay

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