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The Beach Body Insanity program boasts as being the hardest workout on DVD. This comes across different than most programs offering to assist with weight loss and exercise. Most info commercials, today try to lure the consumers in by how easy the program is to follow and how effortless the workout is; and some even claim that a lifestyle change is not necessary. The Insanity program has people saying how hard this program is, that the program requires dedication and a decision to change your lifestyle.

Incorporating the Insanity program into an individual’s lifestyle will take a commitment to make 45 minutes a day for the workout and to plan to eat healthy. Most people can make time for this workout; especially since it does not require any special equipment; you use your body as resistance, stretching and is a very high cardiovascular exercises. Whether you are in shape or a coach potato, this comes across as not for the faint at heart; not many programs trying to sell it to someone trying to get in shape that people have thrown up on the first day.

One of the benefits about Insanity is that there are DVDs, while there is a preplanned work out on a printed calendar to follow, can be customized to fit any fitness program by pausing the program or taking the necessary breaks one needs and to start back. Most people can stick to a program for 30 days, with this program it indicates that you will see results in that time frame; as well as seeing a body that would take most people a year to achieve in 60 days. This program seems to be expensive, with shipping and handling it cost $145. 0; if you take into account that a gym membership is $20. 00 a month, then the membership alone would $240. 00 for a year. To be able to achieve the results that the commercial states a physical trainer would need to set a workout program for most people at an additional cost. Taking the cost of a year’s membership at a local gym and a program that states you can see the same results in 60 days, the amount of time that would be saved this program is comparable and cheaper than other fitness programs.

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I believe that the Insanity program has truthfully presented the potential benefits of the program because it is not promising an easy fix. It clearly states that dedication and a commitment is necessary. It also comes across as not easy by offering a reward for completing the 60 day program. It also, discusses that a nutritional change is required. An alternative to Insanity would be a workout totaling 45 minute workout.

I would recommend doing the following:

  • 1500-caloric intake diet high in protein and fiber; low in fat and sugar.
  • Exercising 6 days a week * High intensity exercises with less rest time 4 days.
  • Yoga the other 2 day.

Making lifestyle changes and adding an exercise program is going to be hard and take dedication. Whether you decide to purchase a program from an infomercial, walk in your neighborhood or join a gym; it is important to just commit and allow room for error but make the necessary changes to have a healthier lifestyle.

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