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Action and Communication Plan final for Choice Point

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Security of data Data accuracy - to prevent information getting into the wrong hands Install security cameras - to mitigate data error Thorough lay verify new customer applications all, website, background, bank account and reference, and visit Shift focus of data gathering strategies to accuracy rather than number of entries. Randomly check the data and if it is incorrect set penalty to data providers Document the incidents as evidence Appoint liaison to lamentation Refuse to sell "sensitive" information (USN, Drivers license number, etc. To small business and Pl. And to big business that has no proven cause to use such information. Privacy - to prevent intrusion of privacy Policy of immediate notification to consumer when personal information was compromised Set up legal team specifically working with gal authorities to keep the company in the loop and so the company knows early what is coming and plan to handle.

Corporate Action Plan - to mitigate future possibility of incidents Set up a crisis/risk management team to assess possible crises and key indicators, set guidelines and handbooks, crisis plan, training (on a regular basis and with everyone involved), simulations, and design suspicion report and incident report Re-assess the rules of business conduct (as above) and announce so that every stakeholder can follow increase employee awareness & alarm system Establish complaints division - to review inaccuracies, correct

Set up center to handle internal communication and standards Provide public with accurate information about the leak/breach of data & ensuring all Issue a corporation wide memo via email creating awareness about the situation tools/resources associated with it are locked down from further use Allow individuals affected to request change or corrections of data via website or calling complaints department Provide mandatory training & scenario planning regularly.

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Action and Communication Plan final for Choice Point

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