How to flunk college

Last Updated: 18 Apr 2023
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Procrastination is a perfect way to flunk out of college. We all have those friends who like to brag about great they are in college. Those people really bother me. And it is because I can never get anything done. It takes me a long time to accomplish the simplest tasks. I pride myself in being a grade A procrastinator. Because of a room being messy, daydreaming, and interacting with people through social media will help anyone perfect the art of wasting time and procrastination.

I am not a very messy person, but I do not usually keep my room clean 100 percent of the time either. Many times I have opted to put away my clothes, clean out my binder, make my lunch for the next day, and take a shower after school before I get to my homework. Doing all these activities takes a while, and I usually end up doing all of them on nights when I have a lot of homework, or if I have a test the next day. Any type of cleaning or household chore would work though, such as scrubbing the shower, vacuuming, or dusting.

Thus, lesson number one: placing all other activities in front of school work will kill your chances of work being completed. Another excellent way to waste time is to daydream. I can sit for an hour or more before I realize that I should be doing something else. I usually think about something that happened that day, and then imagine another positive ending. Or I will think about another football game, and think about what will happen when the game starts.

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Sometimes I look out the window and look at all the leaves, plants, or even the grass in my backyard. This is a great procrastination method when especially when all you can think about is something else. Lesson number two: pondering on other things will not get my work done. The best way to procrastinate is interacting with other people through social media. Everyone does it, and there is no denying that Facebook and Twitter have caused more than there fair share of failures. I am no exception.

I will get on my phone all day knowing I have work to do, yet in the morning I will ask myself why. Here I am rite now, a casualty of social media, typing up this essay for you at the very last minute. Finally, lesson number three: social media is the prime way to ensure that I will flunk college. There is no denying a messy room, daydreaming, and social media can ruin a college career. If we continue to do these things, then it will almost ensue that we will not be coming back for another semester of education.

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