How to E-File My Green Card Renewal?

Last Updated: 15 Apr 2020
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How To E-file My Green Card Renewal? Green card is the ticket to getting a comfortable job and to reside peacefully in the US. It gives a sense of secure feeling to the individuals as they have the most important legal rights granted to them. The easiest way of getting a green card is by marrying a US citizen, as the citizens have the right to sponsor their immediate relatives. Getting a green card is very important and at the same time, keeping it fully updated and valid is also important. This is where the green card renewal comes to play.

Why Green card renewal? USCIS has instructed all the Green card holders to have their cards with them all the time, irrespective of where they travel or what they do. Recent laws have authorized the police to pull up anyone that they feel to be suspicious and check their legal status. In these circumstances, having a green card (fully valid one) will be highly useful. Even though the Green cards are issued for the purpose of granting permanent residency till the entire lifetime of the individual, they come with a10 year validity period only.

Green card holders should go in for a green card renewal when the card is about to expire or has already expired. Before E-filing This is one of the recent facilities introduced by the USCIS to facilitate easy submission of the green card renewal applications. Before starting this process, the applicant should ensure that he/she is eligible for filing in I-90 (Application for Green card renewal). Following circumstances will not allow a person to go in for e-filing • Removing the conditions on the card cannot be done • Applying for a fee waiver Residing outside the US , Guam, Puerto Rico or the US Virgin Islands • The card was never received or received with an incorrect data due to an USCIS administrative error • Renewing within 30 days of becoming a 14 year old when the existing card has expired or not expired. Having a Pc with a compatible browser and a secure, fast internet connection is the next item on the list. Once the applicant logs in to the E-filing page of the USCIS website, he/she must follow the instructions that are specific for each and every form that are listed on the page.

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In order to login and e-file a form, the applicant must first create a valid user account, which is very easy and can be done within a few minutes. USCIS has taken the pains to list out the most common mistakes that applicants do while filing in their applications, which leads to rejection or denial. It is highly important that the applicants go through this before e-filing. E-filing process Once the applicant has completed the application and submitted it, he/she should ensure that it has been successfully done.

The following are indications that the application process has been successful • Receiving a receipt number on the web confirmation page • Receiving a Form I-797 (Notice of Action) with the confirmation receipt number through mail, that too within 10 days of e-filing Before closing the e-filing page, applicants should note down the receipt number on the confirmation page. Only then ‘finish’ has to be given which will generate a PDF copy of the green card renewal application.

Applicants are also advised to save a soft copy of their completed application and confirmation receipt notice on the computer or USB. It is essential that the applicants’ fingerprints and photographs meet the USCIS stipulations as only then they will be processed further. ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Immigrationdirect. com is a company that provide assistance for any immigration issues. Those who want to process their Green card, family based green card, application easy and fast online. For Spanish visit here renovacion de green card

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