How to Communicate Effectively

Last Updated: 15 Apr 2020
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Good evening everybody, I hope you enjoy my speech. My topic today is communication. My speech is titled “How to communicate effectively. ” Because I am a poor communicator, especially to communicate in English. Today my purpose is to hope you all can become effective communicators. Let's discuss effective communication techniques. Getting your pointacross and letting people know how you feel is very important. Sometimes bad decisions are made and people come to the wrong conclusions because of poor communication. Therefore, good communication can help you succeed in life.

Here's some advice on how to communicate effecively. First, communication is transmitting a message. Communication is a process of sharing information. It's the exchange of thoughts or ideas. Communication is a powerful tool. It's getting a message across. It's also receiving facts or inofrmation. Effective communication skills are essential. Effective communication leads to success. Good communicators are always in high deamand. Why good communicators are in high deamand, because many employers are willing to pay big salaries to good communicators. Second, the key to communication is clarity.

We should always make communication clear and direct. We should never be fancy or verbose. Always keep the message simple. Keep it specific and to the point. Keep it very easy to understand. Say only what's important. Say what's relevant and practical. Keep your message detailed but brief. Third, the goal of communication is understanding. The message must be understood. The audience must comprehend. To do that , you need to know your audience. You must know your listerner's background. You must tailor your message and style to suit them.

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Choose your words carefully. Remember “less is more. Sometimes, less of something is much better. Remember “quality is more important than quantity. ” Finally, follow these tips to communicate like a pro! Practice every chance you get. Practice is the key to learning. Good communicators repeat the main message to make it more understandable. They reinforce the meaning through repetition. They always ask for feedback to make sure and reconfirm to themselves that they wre understood. They repeat the main idea to make it more understandable. Good communicators also use body language. Every society has a unique physical language. I's important that you're aware of this.

Most people use nonverval communication. Most of the time it's subconscious. Good communicators use hand gestures and emotional expressions. They use various speaking tones to get attention. Body language expresses what's really going on. You can learn a lot about a person. Just observe themany sinals they're sending you. The arms and legs are a telling source. We must be familiar with basic body language. In conclusion, organize your thoughts before you speak. Think twice before you open your mouth. Always keep the message simple and clear. Say what you mean and mean what you say. Never lie and never mislead anyone.

Say it with style, confidence and enthusiasm. Make sure your're understonnd. Make sure you practice a lot and rehearse. You'll soon be anefficient communicator. In fact, to say is one thing to do is another. It's easy to say but uneasy to work. As you know I am a bad communicator, especially in English to commuicate. All of my friends and family member didn't know what I was saying. All the feedback I have are “Please say that again. I'm a little confused. Or I hope you can explain it more clearly to me. ” How poor I am. That's why I think good communication is very important. Hope everyone become effective communicators.

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