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How people behave and perform as members of a group is every bit of import as their behavior or public presentation as persons. Pulling on your ain experiences and on the theory and research on groups, discourse critically how working in a group can be both psychologically rewarding every bit good as potentially demanding for the person. For illustration, you could utilize your experience of working as a group on a undertaking in a university or in your workplace


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  1. Aim of the Assignment
  2. Introduction
  3. Individual behavior and public presentation
  4. Peoples behaviour and public presentations as members of a group
  5. Pros & A ; Cons of working together for an person
  6. Critical Analysis & A ; Conclusion
  7. Mentions

Aim of the Assignment:

The chief purpose of this assignment given to each person is to analyse and research on how people behave and to detect closely their public presentation as an person or members of a squad which are every bit of import. Besides sing our ain experience being a squad member or working separately on a undertaking and analysing how it would be honoring both potentially and psychologically.

To understand it in a much simple manner allow me set the full purpose into a mathematical equation, which is as follows:

Peoples Behaviour + Performance as a squad member = Individual behavior + Individual public presentation

This Equation would look to be about similar when we look at the Left Hand side & A ; Right Hand Side, but it is non, because with my experience as an perceiver, when we look at people 's behavior and their public presentation as a squad member, we can besides do out their single behavior and their single public presentation. If we understand any portion of the equation, we can acquire to cognize that person or presume the other portion of the equation, as each portion is interlinked with the other.

For illustration: To gauge the value of 'A ' where C = A + B, and C = 10. We can presume B to be of ten value and the value of A = 10 - ten. It might look to be small confusing and complicated but in my position if we understand or analyze a individual in one facet, we can foretell the other facets as good, wherein each facet is every bit of import and rewarding.


It is really interesting to cognize or to foretell how one single reacts or behaves in an Organization. It feels really good when we can foretell the behavior of a individual if we understand the fortunes good. Is n't it interesting? Well it is for me at least.

" What is Organizational Behavior? '' ( 2006, Vandeveer, Menefee, Sinclair ) It is the methodological analysis to understand how single, people or group behaves at workplaces. The whole construct is to understand and foretell the human behaviour in the organisation.

In an organisation we have directors who are the leaders and the persons working under them are its followings. If we understand the behavior of the followings and its leaders so it would take us to the success of the organisation as we would be able to cognize the attack of each in assorted state of affairss.

Well now we get another inquiry in our head which is " Does Organisational Behavior require a systematic attack? '' ( 2006, Vandeveer, Menefee, Sinclair ) Many people think that it is merely the common sense that we need to use and many think it is merely intuition, but how would this be defined. In my position, common sense is our ain personal sentiments which non needfully be right and intuition is our ain feeling which can non be supported by any theory. Yes, there is a systematic attack for OB because the organisations change, competition addition, affect of engineering on assorted persons. So, we must alter our thought of foretelling people by our common sense and intuitions to following up a systematic system to understand behavior of organisations, persons and groups.

I would take this as a privilege to portion my experience as the School Leader for three old ages where I was besides the President of the School Parliament and The Prefect to stand for our Educational Society. It was a ambitious function as I had to pull off all the section and besides study to the office with the behaviors of different cabinet members in the proper running of Assorted Houses. I had to supervise each subsidiary who had a direct attack with the pupils, having their feedback and paying concern to their jobs. Bing immature I had to foretell or presume few things in ways which did non had any theoretical support, but this was necessary to decently understand their behavior and attacks to assorted state of affairss to accomplish the purpose provided and carry through the undertaking anyhow. For illustration: If we analyze an person on a peculiar undertaking, we can presume that individuals ' attack to the other undertaking.

There are besides elements which act as base for a strong foundation of the organisation where in the directions vision, doctrine, civilization and ends are most of import. There are used to put the organisations environment. The people working in the organisation as persons contribute as the whole to present quality work. The result is the public presentation, development, satisfaction and growing of single. All these elements together build the model of the organisations ' public presentation.

When I was working for Michael Dell as his declaration expert, I had to be a portion of a group of experts where each single public presentation was calculated wittingly or unwittingly. A path record of each person was maintained and farther public presentation was besides forecasted. It gave everyone an purpose to accomplish, though with tonss of force per unit area as the organisations public presentation was dependent on us irrespective of our psychological wages. We as persons in a group learnt a batch as it gave us an first-class exposure, pleasant for few, and non for few.

Individual behavior and public presentation:

Martin Goodyer ( 2009 ) ( is an experient professional manager and behavioral alteration practician. He is a corporate manager with a background of 17 old ages in senior concern direction and development ) negotiations about transforming attitude and behaviour jobs into assets. He says that all persons in some point or the other have jobs with their behavior which straight or indirectly affects them at their workplace with the alteration in public presentation degree. Some managers with their single behavior jobs drive their organisation backwards. This is a common thing which we see around us, non merely with managers but besides with other staff members who are trained to present and besides provided support but they are non able to present the undertaking good due to some behavioural or attitudinal issue, that 's halting them traveling frontward. Recognizing this is the first of import thing and second is what could be done in work outing the job and change overing it into rewards/assets. All persons in the organisation could n't be an plus but some of them are who could turn themselves from the behavioural job and can add value to the organisation, alternatively bing the organisation.

There is no common sense or logic in work outing the job as worlds are driven by their emotions and non by logic because emotions control our behavior. So, it is our emotions that cause a alteration in our behavior which affect us psychologically and potentially. In order to execute good in a group, each person must screen their ain behavioral job which could originate by itself or while being a portion of the squad. We can happen that issue which is impacting our public presentation and make something about it. Some persons change their behavior or undergo an emotional stimulation under the influence of other individual 's behavior in order non to see the hurting or to do them experience better from insight. We can besides analyse them and detect what they are making and why they are making it and understand their behavioural model in order non to acquire a hapless public presentation degree. Even in the most ambitious fortunes we must keep a good degree of communicating in order to construct a resonance with everyone so that we can cognize the job which is bing organisation and single in public presentation.

Tom DeMarco ( 2008 ) negotiations about different forms of Behaviour, where he says, how good a human encephalon is in acknowledging forms. It records different forms which controls our behavior. Our head tries to retrieve assorted forms unconsciously by assorted names or features which we react consequently when our head identifies a similar state of affairs once more. So far there have been 88 different forms over 37 old ages across 25 states which are recognized, each of which has been given a snappish name to retrieve and an essay about it to acknowledge a form and how to continue. The behavior which we adapt might be good or really good in fact, but sometimes it might be destructive and leads to defeat.

In my ain experience as the School Rep as mentioned earlier, I had to undergo many emotional stimulation and observe assorted forms in order to set my behavior suited with everyone so that the public presentation degree does non travel bad. I had to keep a proper O degree with everyone about so that everyone could breath good and there prevail no opposition. An single differ from the other in sentiments, attitudes, beliefs, committedness, communicating, experience, civilization, values, instruction, intelligence, emotions, age and life manner, and I got to cognize these different facets with the experience or exposure which I got.

The chief thing is communication accomplishments and merely through unfastened and crystalline communicating accomplishments we would be able to transport forward information good with proper lucidity and present it good. It helped me a batch while undergoing this, as this helped me to be emotionally flexible and acknowledging my possible as a leader with a self-praise of assurance. It was a ambitious undertaking, though interesting and cherishable throughout.

" Abilities such as being able to actuate oneself and prevail in the face of defeat ; to command unprompted and delay satisfaction ; to modulate one 's tempers and maintain hurt from drenching the ability to believe ; to sympathize and to trust. '' ( Daniel Goleman ) . It is non an easy undertaking to actuate our ego when we are hard-pressed or non feeling good. But, if we master in this so it becomes really easy to do right determinations and execute better as it is observed that emotions change quickly at work, due to the circumstance or state of affairs in which we are. OB is really complex as it deals with cardinal things like motive ; it deals with emphasis which is a chief concern these yearss. Some persons find it easier to expose or to stamp down certain emotions or emphasis and accordingly can hold less negative effects. ( Totter dell & A ; Holman, 2003, Call Centre Employees ) .

Peoples behaviour and public presentations as members of a group:

Harmonizing to Donelson R. Forsyth ( 2006 ) , aA groupA is connexion of two or more persons who are connected to one another by societal relationships. Normally we find that different authors come out with their ain definition of what a group is because they write in respects on their work.

Some definitions of a Group:

  • " Conceiving of a group as a dynamic whole should include a definition of group that is based on mutuality of the members. " A Kurt LewinA ( 1951: 146 )
  • " We mean by a group a figure of individuals who communicate with one another frequently over a p of clip, and who are few plenty so that each individual is able to pass on with all the others, non at second-hand, through other people, but face-to-face. " A George HomansA ( 1950: 1 )
  • " To set it merely they are units composed of two or more individuals who come into contact for a intent and who consider the contact meaningful. " A Theodore M. Mills ( 1967: 2 )
  • " A group is a aggregation of persons who have dealingss to one another that make them interdependent to some important grade. As so defined, the termA groupA refers to a category of societal entities holding in common the belongings of mutuality among their constitutional members. " A Dorwin Cartwright and Alvin ZanderA ( 1968: 46 )
  • " Descriptively talking, a psychological group is defined as one that is psychologically important for the members, to which they relate themselves subjectively for societal comparing and the acquisition of norms and values, ... that they in private accept rank in, and which influences their attitudes and behavior. " A John C Turner ( 1987: 1-2 )
  • " A group exists when two or more people define themselves as members of it and when its being is recognized by at least one other. " A Rupert BrownA ( 1988: 2-3 )

What I feel, a group is a set of different persons who are involved in the group and has a particular bonding amongst them so that they can put to death the undertaking good by demoing first-class public presentation. Sing my experience so far for working in assorted groups at School, College, University or work topographic point ; to present first-class quality work:

We should be able to understand each other good in a group because we are sailing 'in the same boat ' ( Brown 1988: 28 ) , so it is good to understand each other psychologically.

We should be able to pass on with each other in a clear manner in order to acquire the right response, transmit orders, to acknowledge jobs, to obtain or supply feedback, to cognize others perceptual experiences and to defy struggles. ( Wendy Bloisi, Curtis W. Cook and Phillip L. Hunsaker 2007:355 ) . With my experience, we must pass on in a proper which is really indispensable because it allows the squad members to co ordinate assorted things, portion information with lucidity and fulfill each other demands good.

As we are given a undertaking to put to death as a group, we must execute it with high values and criterions and alternatively of taking single recognition ; we must retrieve that our squad is defined by us as a whole and by others working with us as a squad. As Benson ( 2000:5 ) says, `` We must come together to work on common and for in agreement intents '' which harmonizing to me is honoring for all in the squad.

Pros & Cons of working together for an person:

Stephen P. Robbins ( 2005 ) gives us the grounds of why single tend to organize groups. His first ground is Security & A ; Status which everyone is concerned today. None would wish to jeopardize themselves. We feel secure as we are non put to deathing the undertaking entirely and there are others in the group every bit good to supply originative input which gives a multi dimensional position to the undertaking and which in return besides yields better public presentation. It besides helps us acknowledge our potency of working in a group, as in a group when we execute the undertaking given to us ; we get to cognize our capacity of executing that undertaking which is besides psychologically honoring.

We besides urge to be a portion of the group because consciously we are cognizant of accomplishing the end if we are a portion of a group instead than working entirely by our ego where we are cognizant of non accomplishing the end because of deficiency of diverseness and inputs. ( Stephen P. Robbins 2005 ) . Hence, it is an chance to work together in groups on undertakings. " The many are smarter than the few '' James Suriwiecki ( 2004 )

As we have seen in single public presentation and behaviour subdivision, persons besides get to cognize their behavior towards other and how it can be altered to experience happy from penetration. They tend to cognize them self much better with the feedback which they get, if it 's taken positively by them or else it might take to struggles which is a downside.

There are besides jobs which teams face, such as: form of work, accomplishing the end, deficiency in preparation or support, civilization and communicating. ( Betty Conti and Brian H. Kleine 1997 ) . The direction of the organisation must finalise a form or construction of work that best suits the organisation. Sometimes there might be some jobs in the organisation or persons ain committednesss which might upset the docket of the squad. To get the better of this we must ever maintain path of the end to be achieved which is really of import for the squad 's public presentation. The direction must besides supply proper preparation and support to the squad participants in order to anticipate good consequences from them. If they do n't acquire proper support or possess deficiency of preparation, so it might take to group 's failure. Sometimes people from different civilization may happen it hard to get by up with the state of affairs and there could besides stay some communicating spread.

Robert Loo and Karran Thorpe ( 2002 ) references emphasis which is a factor to worry in squad work caused due to clip force per unit area or defeat. This definitely affects the public presentation as negative response is expected at nerve-racking state of affairss. Persons working in a group are stressed due to non active engagement of the squad mates which increases work burden.

Therefore, we must take attention of all these things in order to avoid squads ' failure and obtain better consequences.

It is besides good for organisation to back up squad work as it would pull more figure of best people to fall in their organisation so that the organisation could execute better. My position is that, it depends all in the organisation which pattern it adapts to give net income and vie with the remainder in the sphere.

Critical Analysis & Decision:

Working in a group is more good as it is a topographic point where dealingss can turn and a topographic point where people can happen support which is honoring personally. Many people, like me, like to socialise a batch and I ever believe in group work because it yields choice work due to different persons present in group with different mentalities and thoughts, though it is a disputing undertaking to pull off them, as I have an experience of taking a few groups.

It is besides potentially demanding as while working together we unconsciously compete with one another and tend to give our best which lets us cognize our ultimate potency and when each clip we go beyond our possible it is good for an person 's personality.

It is besides psychologically honoring due to the points mentioned earlier. None would wish to neglect at any point and ache their ego regard and position. Working is a group besides helps us beef up our ego regard, behavior with others and command our emotions.

For us to do certain that a group delivers the effectual work with efficiency, the squad members in the group must be competent in utilizing all their minute accomplishments. `` Worlds are non born with these accomplishments ; they must be developed. '' ( Johnson and Johnson 2003: 579 ; 581 ) This is the best thing which I liked the most while working on this. None of us have come out from the uterus with some particular accomplishments ; it is here were we learn .

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