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How Did The Civil War Change The United States

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The civil war changed the United States economically, Politically and socially

Economically it changed because it caused a lot of money to be spent and people had to pay taxes. Politically it changed because slaves were freed and women got the right to vote. Socially it changed because there was less slavery and more equality between men and women.


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Economic Changes

Economically, the Civil War caused a decrease in the standard of living for most Americans. The war caused inflation which made goods more expensive to buy and also caused a decrease in productivity in agriculture because many workers went off to fight in the war. This led to food shortages and high prices for food.


Political Changes

Politically, there was an increase in government power because of all the issues related to slavery. The government had to decide what rights African Americans should have and how much power they should have over themselves. The government also needed to decide how much rights women should have as well as whether or not slaves should be freed from their owners.


Social Changes

Socially, there were many changes during this time period that affected social norms and behaviors such as dress or language usage. There were also changes in demographics such as an increase in immigration due to people leaving their homes overseas due to famine or political unrest within those countries' borders.


In conclusion most people would agree that the Civil War changed the United States forever

The war was not fought to free slaves, but rather to preserve the union. However, it accomplished both of these goals and more. In addition to ending slavery, it ended the Southern economy as well as their population growth, which changed them from an agrarian society into an industrial one. It also allowed Northern manufacturers to grow and prosper because they were able to produce goods for a cheaper price than those in Europe. Finally, it led to greater equality between blacks and whites as well as between men and women.

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