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Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies

Hidden Sexual Messages Found In Disney Movies Group Name: LUCKY # 13 Group Leader: Jami Rosier Editors: Zack Sams & Steve Raszka Proofreaders: Sara Roberts, Haley Rinas, Brittani Saab Designers: Mike Porowski, Jami Rosier, Brett Pilkington Writers: Brett Pilkington, Mike Porowski, Steve Raszka, Haley Rinas, Jami Rosier, Zack Sams Introduction By: Jami Rosier With competitors such as DreamWorks, and Pixar, Disney Incorporated uses a vividly apparent strategy of sex appeal in order to raise their ratings.However, Disney is pushing the envelope and is willing to subject the innocent public to such images for higher ratings.The industry that we are talking about is the movie industry.The majority of viewers are comprised of young innocent children, thus the misconception that all Disney movies are innocent.

Therefore, as sex sells in the entertainment industry, so do the numerous Disney movies.

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Although Disney is portrayed as a construction of culture and joy for children, the hidden signs and messages shown in popular Disney movies may change the attitudes some viewers will have.Considerably so, in more recent times, viewers of Disney Films are reading into the context of the films, and are taking away alternate ideas than what Disney originally intended (Associated Press, 1999). By using “hidden” messages in their movies, Disney is portraying to society the notion that sex sells. According to Studio History at Disney. com, Disney has been up and running strong for over 75 years, and does not seem to be slowing down anytime soon (Studio History, 1998). Therefore, with the help of Disney Movie Productions, sex sells at an even more disturbing rate.

Throughout the remainder of the paper we are going to discuss the numerous ways in which sex is directly related to Disney, and what can be said about the future of Disney Movies. Disney continues to corrupt the youth of children and influence the minds of teenagers by releasing questionable movies onto the sales racks, one after the other. Just to name a few movies that have been released with sexual innuendos or comments are; Aladdin, The Lion King, The Little Mermaid, and The Rescuers. Numerous accusations and attestable information about all of these movies have been mentioned in the news, in magazines, and on the Internet.By reviewing these sources we found the credibility of each allegation that proves to be true. 2 Aladdin and the Naked Truth: By: Haley Rinas In the identification of the hidden messages in Disney movies, we will begin with Aladdin. In the scene where Aladdin and Jasmine are to take a magic carpet ride, Aladdin calls on Jasmine to come with him, and continues to speak under his breath “teenagers take off your clothes” (DeMarco, 2000).

What is actually going on with the soundtrack at this point in the film is difficult to determine. Disney claims that the script calls for Aladdin to say, “C’mon . . good kitty. Take off and go,” while the closed captioning has him uttering, “Good kitty. Take off” (DeMarco, 2000). This is a prime example of a verbal hidden message.

This type of hidden message is in most cases unavoidable because it is verbal; if the viewer is paying close attention, the message can be heard. Not only is the message offensive but very disengaging as well. Encouragement of this action to children or teenagers alike is very severe. The original rumor “take off your clothes” started soon after Aladdin was released on home video in 1993 (DeMarco, 2000).A garbled and whispered portion of dialogue that could barely be heard in the theater was being replayed over and over in millions of homes but was difficult to distinguish. Soon after, someone came up with a salacious phrase that sounded somewhat like the original portions of dialogue, and the power of suggestion took over. People began to hear what they were being told they should hear.

3 The Lion King Uncensored By: Brett Pilkington and Steve Raszka The next mentionable movie is The Lion King, in this specific movie there are a couple different aspects in which hidden sexual messages can be found.The segment in question in occurs about midway through the movie when Simba, the hero, plops down and a cloud of dust rises above him. As the dust begins to trail off, it forms the letters S-E-X, with each letter fading as the next becomes clear (Mikkelson, 1996). In this next part, Simba is talking to his father in the night sky where stars can be seen. Upon connecting these stars, a penis is formed (Mikkelson, 1996). These messages can be identified as indirect hidden messages, which mean the viewer was not directly intended to see the message, unless possibly looking for such material.The hidden sexual messages are examples of how the creators of these movies know that sex in movies boosts the sales.

This is a terrible thing for movie executives to do, especially Disney, where the majority of the audience is young children who do not need to see these disturbing gestures. The anti-abortion group, based in Stafford, Va. , wants the Walt Disney Co. to remove The Lion King from video stores (Giroux, 2000). One video store clerk was alerted of the appearance of the word, by a woman who said her 4-year-old son noticed it (Mikkelson, 1996).Michael Rhoades, who commented for Disney stated the scene simply shows “swirling dust in the night sky, seeing anything in The Lion King other than a good wholesome family film is purely perception,” he said (Studio History, 1998 ). 4 The Little Mermaid By: Sara Roberts The Little Mermaid also makes the list for including hidden sexual messages.

Not only were these derogatory images found in the movie, but on the promotional posters, and the original movie cover as well. Of these images, one includes a phallus-shaped tower in the castle on the promotional posters for the movie.The artist has claimed that this was the result of rushed background detailing (Copeland, D, 2003). Another image is that of the bishop having an erection in the wedding scene.

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The bishop is dressed in a white tunic and white tights, and in some scenes it is difficult to differentiate between the tights and the tunic. The mysterious bulge is actually the bishop’s knee, but the resemblance of an erection is still there (Lav, 2002). There are also other derogatory images featured on promotional posters, but they are supposedly so distasteful that every source failed to mention them (Copeland, J, 1996).

5 The Rescuers By: Mike PorowskiIn January of 1999, Disney announced a recall of the home video version of their 1977 animated feature The Rescuers because it contained a “questionable background image” (LA Daily News, 1999). Just at the start of the film, as rodent heroes Bianca and Bernard fly through the city in a sardine box strapped to the back of Orville, proprietor of Albatross Air Charter Service, the photographic image of a topless woman can be seen at the window of a building in the background in two different (non-consecutive) frames: first in the bottom left corner, then at the top center portion of the frame (Davies, 2).Unlike most rumors of risque word-images hidden in Disney’s animated films, this one is clearly true, and the images in question were undeniably inserted into the movie on purpose (Solomon, 1988). The two “topless woman” frames have reputedly been present in the film ever since its original 1977 theatrical release (a fact apparently confirmed by Disney, whose spokesperson said that the tampering “was done more than 20 years ago”), although Disney claims that they were not included in the 1992 home video version because “it was made from a different print” (Studio History, 1998).Disney also claimed that the images were not placed in the film by any of their animators, but were inserted during the post-production process. The company decided to recall 3. 4 million copies of the video “to keep our promise to families that we can trust and rely on the Disney brand to provide the finest in family entertainment” (Studio History, 1998).

Disney’s announcement of this recall might be considered a bit curious. Unlike previous rumors over “hidden” items in Disney’s animated films, this one was not widespread until Disney itself made a public statement about it (Business Wire, 1999).As well as the other Disney Movies in question, the Rescuers frames are not noticeable during a normal viewing of the film, one has to know they’re there and freeze-frame the video to view them (Howell, 1999). 6 All that Controversy: By: Zach Sams Many of these Disney movies have not only received comments by the public, but backlash as well. According to E! Magazine, in September of 1996, three Texans filed a lawsuit against Disney and accused them of placing subliminal sexual messages in the cartoon movies, The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King (Copeland, J, 1996).Disney will not comment on the pending lawsuit, but denies placing sexual hidden messages in their movies (Copeland, J, 1996). With these allegations under their belt, Disney had to deal with the defamation and focus concerns about the future productions and of their company.

After the reportedly fired the responsible for the obscene filed against Disney and an Arkansas women, Janet case was through, Disney engineers writers images. Another lawsuit, Buena Vista Home fromGilmer, claimed that Disney never stated that there were hidden messages in The Little Mermaid, and The Lion King, which made it unsuitable for children to watch (Mikkelson, 1996). Disney was found not guilty and the case was inevitably dropped. What was interesting about the company reportedly firing these individuals for their actions is that by doing this, the company directly expressed guilt for producing and showing such discriminating scenes in their films. Another thing that is very interesting is, besides the Rescuers, Disney didn’t recall any of those other videos, so why this one?Is it because they knew how quickly the story would spread via the Internet, or because this occurrence was as undeniable case of tampering rather than misinterpretation? Who knows, though the cynical among us might ponder that one of the best ways to boost sales of a slow-selling video would be to announce its recall due to the presence of some “objectionable images. ” 7 Does Sex Sell? By: Brittani Saab Now, in going back to the idea that sex sells, it is quite interesting to discover how and why some of the scenes in these movies were ever discovered at all.This is an apparent gesture of someone looking to misrepresent the Disney Company, and make consumers question the actuality of these accusations.

It is highly evident that the common viewer does not analyze movies for content and hidden messages, though there are people that do this sort of thing for fun or possibly even for a living. Another idea to mention is this; the viewers that do find it necessary to look for these types of messages are going to claim they saw something just to bring attention to the movie. Who knows, maybe even Disney puts these hidden messages in their movies in hopes that someone does find them.It could definitely increase their sales, and the sales of these movies to inquisitive minds would surpass the backlash on the movies. The fact of the matter still stands that sex does sell, any way that we look at it. When the film Roger Rabbit came out, and included a scene of Jessica Rabbit flashing that she was not wearing any knickers under her skirt, the video sold out in many stores (Copeland, J, 1996). This incident also occurred with the sales and advertising of the first production videos and posters for the Little Mermaid (Copeland, J, 1996).

People live for this type of scrutiny towards a company that is as successful as Disney. Once they know that it’s out there, it’s just a matter of time before consumers purchase it and seek out to find similar things. Jack Solomon agrees that such ads reflect a desire for reality and when reality is put out in the marketplace, weariness with illusions and “reality effects” are created (Solomon, 1988). This does not relate only to Disney movies, but to any movie that markets a hidden message of sex or sexual comments.However, it’s disheartening that a company of such magnitude would deign so low as to insert sex into their child-targeted productions. This just proves that by continuing to market these movies, Disney believes that what they are doing is okay. 8 Conclusion By: Jami Rosier As subliminal or hidden messages can be defined as, “below the threshold of conscious perception” by the American Heritage College Dictionary (AHCD 2000), it is easily understood that some claim subliminal or hidden messages are only figments of the imagination.

Obviously this tactic seems to be working, though with the increase in sales also comes the increase of controversy. In the end, what is most appalling is that with all the ideologies that surround Disney, how could they let something of this magnitude happen, time and time again? Disney has always been a wholesome, family oriented company. The perception that many consumers have of the company is still the same, though some are stunned and taken back. However, in today’s society we know that there are always going to be questionable people doing voice tracks, and animation to incriminate the company.Although a company of this size and popularity should be able to filter out the bad and protect children and adults from seeing these images, they have failed to do so. Henry Giroux agrees, “Disney’s image as an icon of American culture is consistently reinforced through penetration of the Disney Empire into every aspect of social life. ” Giroux later comments that Disney should be more aware of what they are putting out on the big screen (Giroux, 2000).

However, many consumers tend to reject any link between hidden messages and sexual content in Disney Movies.Many play these messages off as human error, and wrongful perception. Whatever the case, it is often difficult to choose sides in whether Disney intended these images to be in their films or if it is just a factor of human error. Either standpoint would require extensive research to be provable. Despite all of this, it is important for the consumers to make their own judgments. Whichever side is chosen, a great deal of information is available for supporting factors. With this being said, it is obvious that the future of Disney and the production of movies will be left in the hands of the company itself.

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