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Group Experience

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My group experience with picking Bollywood dance provided an opportunity to play a leadership role like courier graph the dance. Bollywood dance is the dance-form used in the Indian films. It is a mixture of numerous styles. These styles include belly-dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western popular, jazz, and even Western erotic dancing.

I enjoyed myself in an artistic manner by connecting the audience through dance. I am committed to this form of dance because it originates from my native country India. I basically taught my other team mates this form of dance and now it affects their personal character in terms of eastern dancing. My personal experience about teaching this dance was fairly enjoyable. I had an opportunity of teaching “bhangra” to my classmates too which is a form of a regional dance in India.

By doing such leadership activities, I have gained an experience in organizing a group and modeling the way. In the process of my group project, I had a vision of achieving something extraordinary by teaching the eastern dance to westerners. There was different tactics and ideas that I implemented in this process where I was also helped by my other teammates in order to make it work. I admired their vision in doing something different within my dance. We talked about two minutes and everybody agreed to do the Bollywood dance.

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It was a challenge for me to teach Indian dance to western people because they are grown with different culture and they have different perception in dance. My ideas and techniques were definitely questioned by others but I still had a strong motivation to make it work and I took certain amount of risk in order to make my idea work. Teaching any activity requires certain amount of confidence, faster collaboration and strength. I always had a positive attitude towards this activity and I knew there would certain challenges to make this happen but the participation of my team mates gave me more confidence.

My team mates motivated themselves because they had an interest to learn about new culture. I handled their challenges and gave them the proper guidance they needed. There were people who would take initiative and put lot of effort in our group project. I was also thrilled by seeing their dedication. There was a time when we I did not know what to do or we were lacking a concept; we all worked together to solve the way out of it. I thrilled to see the dedication that my teammates had towards our team goal.

In conclusion, I would say that our overall team effort was tremendous, we were doing a genuine hard work to achieve our goal, and we had morale booster, team effort and confidence within our group. I would also like to point out the group skill was very good and my teammates gave their best to put up a good presentation.

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