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Gradesavers Tutoring Inc. is a Montreal-based private company registered in 2004 that helps students in many High Schools and CEGEP academically. At the beginning, in 2003 it was a sole proprietorship, from a group of Finance student, led by Rohit Soni and several professors in Mc Gill University, creating a tutorial service that help other students. It incorporated in January 2005. Currently the company not only has expanded its university services in Canada and the United States, preparing graduates for the CFA, CSC, GMAT, GRE and SAT examinations, but ready to expand to French Language market in Montreal as well.

Missions Gradesavers Tutoring Inc. covers academic areas of Business/Management, Mathematics, Statistics, Economics and Engineering. Their service will help students get rid of stress about exams, assignments, papers and quizzes. They have the patient and experienced tutors that can prepare average students for whatever counts towards the grades. They prepare their stay up-to-date data base to ensure that student can solve the problems as well as exams easily.

Offers. Gradesavers` key sessions in Both English and French are “Private tutorials”, “Practice problem sessions”, “Weekly topic”, and the most famous “Crash courses and Mock exams”. “Private tutorials” are customized for students needing personalized attention and who need assistance with specific topics. Tutorials are normally held in a group of 2 or 3 students. “Practice problem sessions” are designed to help students to practice to do the problems that can be in the exams or if they are struggling with assignments. Weekly topics” are designed to follow the students’ course outlines and cover one topic per week. “Weekly topics” are normally held in groups of up to 15. Finally, The best well-known service of Gradesavers is “Crash Tutorials and Mock exams” which are designed for students to prepare prior the midterms and finals to make sure that students will not fail the exam. Tutorials and Mock exams prepare for students what materials they should, and what should appear on your real exams. Online Registeration

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The membership is free, there three steps that helps students easier to get benefits from Gradsaver. Step 1: Become a Member which allows students receives up—to-date information for Company. Step 2: Attend our Tutorials which allows students choose Tutorial sessions that matches their requirements. Step 3: Make the Grade which helps students improve their results Organization structure Gradesavers Inc. is managed by two co-owners Rohit Soni and Chetan Soni who have knowledge in the tutoring business. Others tutors in the company are required to be Grade A Tutors.

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