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Glenisk: SWOT analysisStrenghts

Glenisk are the premiere Organic Dairy company in the republic of Ireland, they have a near monopoly. Glenisk is owned by the Cleary family, who are Irish. This associates the brand with being an “Irish family owned business”, therefore Irish citizens would want to support it as opposed to another foreign brand. “The difference is Cleary” Glenisk employs Irish farmers to produce dairy for the companies products. This gives local farmers jobs and a source of income. All the products are easily available in local supermarkets and are not hard to find like some expensive organic products. The products are healthy as they are organic, gluten free and are free of artificial colorings and preservatives. As of 2013, Glenisk was awarded the Deloitte best managed company award which not only shows that the company is running smoothly and successfully, but is also a great accolade and advantage over competitors. They support NGO’s and charities with environmental causes and also have excellent recycling procedures.


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In most supermarkets or local stores, organic products are typically more expensive than the average product which may discourage customers from buying Glenisk and buying a competing brands product, especially in the current economy. Glenisk own 90% of the irish organic dairy market. There is little room growth wise for Glenisk in Ireland. To expand, other markets must be chosen. They have a limited number of products that they can sell as most are organic dairy products. Also read SWOT analysis of Ice Cream market


  • Glenisk almost own the Irish Organic dairy market, so they have the opportunity to branch out into Europe and sell their products to different countries.
  • Glenisk have a growing range of kids lunch snacks and treats such as fromage frais yoghurts etc.
  • They have the opportunity to expand and supply their products to local hotels and restuarants. Eg Ice cream for dessert or milk for coffee
  • If Glenisk was to start producing organic ice cream and IF it sold well, they could open a chain of Ice cream stores or frozen yoghurt shops.


  • They are , at the moment, the market leaders in the country, so there is little room for growth.
  • Glenisk are also threatened by competitors undercutting their prices which could lead to a dramatic fall in sales.


Existing product new product:

  • Advertising
  • Competitions
  • Loyalty offers
  • Create new ways to use exsisting products ie more recipes
  • Crate more variety
  • New products
  • Complementary products/services
  • New branding
  • Market development
  • Exports
  • New social communications
  • Alternate users
  • Diversification
  • Move into a different market i.e. retail or clothing
  • Acquire a currently successful business

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