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German Method of Defence

All of the sources that I have studied all have a different view of the situation in had but they are all still portraying the same theme of the conditions of the battle field and the Germans advantages over the British.Even though, they still have been unable to show some things that the other sources have been able to.After looking at the sources I can see that they have shown the German advantages over Britain in all of the maps and in source J.

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Instead of the old linear systems of trenches they developed a system of disconnected strong points and concrete pill boxes”.

This is just one quote from source J, but it goes on to tell us about the new strategy they had. It was to hold as much land as they could by the concrete pillboxes and as little land held by men as possible. The Germans were also at an advantage due to there position on higher ground and on suitable terrain as shown on the maps.

The Germans have used the land here very well, because of the land terrain the British would funnel through the narrow gap of dry lad and this would be an easier target for the German machine gun. Also the Germans were also ready for the British attacks so they were always prepared for the attack before the British were. “… two months passed before preparations for the main advance were completed” This was due to the un organisation of the British during this period of time.

The British have also had any other disadvantages because of they’re attack. A shown in the maps they are having to advance uphill through waterlogged and flooded terrain. Because of the Germans strategic positioning of the pill boxes the British were sitting ducks foe the Germans. All of the sources agree about the above facts but they portray them in a different way because they are very different sources. But because of this so of the sources can show things that the over sources can.

For instance the maps can show the terrain much better than source J because they can put the image right in front of you rather than leaving that to your imagination. But then again source J can give a detailed and descriptive view on the conditions and the terrain. Source J can also tell us things that may not be able to be shown on the map. An example of this would be that source J speaks of the pill boxes all along the German defence line but because of the map scale they can not show this, and therefore they cannot give a complete picture of the situation.

After analysing all of the sources I have come to the decision that the sources all maps in source I have reinforced the view of J. Which is that the Germans had all of the advantages of being on higher ground and being dug in well and Britain had all of the disadvantages of being attacking up hill and attacking over flooded and waterlogged terrain. This is why source I does prove sources J’s view that the German method of defence was well suited to the terrain while the British method of attack was unsuitable.

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