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When did the women’s suffrage movement began?

During the 19th century women were seen differently, through the eyes of the law, men and work. Most people believed that women should be passive ‘ladies’; obedient to their husbands and should stay at home. Married women’s property was owned by their husbands and so …

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Why Did a Campaign for Women’s Suffrage Develop After 1870?

Women wanted to vote so that they could gain more respect from men, they desired the right to be able to make a difference to the way the country was run. Their views were that they lived in the country therefor they had the rights …

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Women’s Suffrage Movement

It is the turn of the century and more and more women in the United States and Great Britain were beginning to express their desires for the right to voice their opinions and cast their votes for who should govern and be in charge of …

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How is suffrage best described?
The right to vote during elections is what the word suffrage entails. ... However, the U.S. Constitution says in the 19th Amendment: "Women shall not be denied vote based on their sex." This constitutional amendment was fought for by suffragists. The term "suffragettes" was used for female suffragists in the 1920s.
What happened as a result of the 19th Amendment?
Alice Paul, a woman suffragist from Illinois, realized that their work was not over after 1920's ratification. Although the government recognized women’s rights to vote and many women still faced discrimination, ... If ratified by the Senate, the amendment would guarantee equality of rights to all individuals regardless their gender.

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