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Referring To The Almighty and Great Superman

When the word Superhero is mentioned, the common man would typically reference the all-great and powerful Superman. A hero is a figure in a culture that is morally just, shows courage, and obtains physical abilities that are simply out of this world. But they are …

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Come Back Now Mom

Mama!Mama! I yelled those words when you weren’t there. For my birthday, when I could ride a bike without training wheels, my first volleyball game. You weren’t there. Why’d you leave? Daddy and I were miserable without you. I hate to say it but I …

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Behind Each Superhero and Their Abilities

I had first become exposed to the Justice League in my childhood when I would stay up well past my bedtime to watch the cartoon. I knew all the members they showed and I knew all their powers. It was not after I took this …

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Changing My Vision For Life

It was July 4, 2006, on a Friday morning. I woke up to my dad and my stepmom arguing over something that happen the day before. The whole family was supposed to go to my uncle’s lean woods house, but because of the argument between …

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The Basis Of an Early Impulse Of Good Will, And a Common Catalyst For Dangerous and Driven Monsters

Mansley, a paranoid federal agent, from finding and destroying the Giant. Although The Iron Giant is considered to be Frankenstein’s brainchild, The Iron Giant diverged from Frankenstein in that The Iron Giant became the creature Bird thought Shelley’s monster might have ended up to be …

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From The Point of View of The Presence of a Female Heroine In The Genre

Wonder Woman is a rare gem to come out from the blue corner of the superhero movie industry. It is the most successful movie released by DC Comics earning even more than Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice at the box office. It was also …

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