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Alcoholic drinking age should be lowered to 18 in the U.S

The drinking age in the United States can be considered as a controversial issue because people possess a dubious attitude in legalities of drinking age. In 1980 the minimum age of drinking in the United States was raised from 18 to 21. (more…)

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Lowering the Drinking Age

“Nearly 10 million youths, ages 12 to 20, in this country report they have consumed alcohol in the past 30 days. ” (“City Council”) Teens use alcohol for a numerous amount of reasons, ranging from celebration to stress to boredom and underage drinking has now …

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Lower Drinking Age

Today we live in a country that prides itself on being free, although there are a number of people that feel they do not have as much freedom as they deserve, such as the freedom to drink at a younger age. The legal drinking age …

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Lowering the Drinking Age to 18

It’s your 18th birthday and your finally a legal adult. Immediately you can smoke cigarettes, vote, be a jury member, even join the military and fight for your country. But don’t think about a having a beer at your going away party the night before …

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Should the Drinking Age Remain at 21 or Be Lowered to 18

Dominicia Ferrell Mrs. Burns English 101 December 1, 2011 Should the legal drinking age be raised (or lowered)? Should the drinking age be lowered to eighteen years old, when one is considered an adult, and assumes adult privileges, or should the drinking age remain at …

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Pros of Lowering Drinking Age Outline

Human rights.  Individuals who are legally allowed to vote and get married, sign legal contracts, smoke cigarettes, can be responsible when it comes to drinking alcohol as well. Turning 18 allows one to make their own decisions in life.  Evidence #1: “National Youth Rights Association …

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Lower the U.S. Drinking Age

All around the world many people drink alcohol for many different Occasions. There are drinks at parties, bars, clubs and even your home. You can find alcohol just about everywhere in the United States. Around the world there are many different age requirements in order …

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The Issue of Lowering of Legal Drinking Age

Cody Schisnewski Final Draft 09/29/09 Period 1 A number of States in the U. S. are considering legislation to lower the legal drinking age from the current age of 21 to 18. The move would defy a generation of federal law and public opinion in …

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Lowering the minimum legal drinking age to 18

There has been a lot of discussion about whether or not that lowering the minimum legal drinking age to 18 would help reduce the amount of binge drinking among people under age 21. The evidence from recent history and research do not support this change. …

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Will lowering the drinking age solve the problem

Drinking on College Campuses Beer bongs, keg stands, and a million new drinks to discover, these are what college is all about. First-year students are introduced to a whole new world of parties that last until 3 a. m. and drinking beer for the usual …

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Lowering MLDA 21 to 18 will irresponsibly allow a greater segment of the population to drink alcohol in bars and nightclubs, which are not safe environments. The right to drink should have a higher age of initiation because of the dangers posed by drinking. MLDA 21 reduces traffic accidents and fatalities.

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