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Essay on The Causes of Building Collapse

“Engineers like to solve problems. If there are no problems handily available, they will create their own problems.” (Adams). A field in civil engineering that analyzes and designs structures that support or resist loads is called structural engineering. Modern projects could be drawn by architects …

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A Discussion on the Ethics in the Civil Engineering Profession

The Websters dictionary defines the word ethics short and simple. It states that ethics is the system of moral values; the principal of right or good conduct. When I began to research ethics in the civil engineering profession, I was amazed to find that it …

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A Glance at the Different Types of Engineering

Civil engineering has historically played a fundamental role by changing ways in which people live, travel, and work. It is a broad scope of engineering field that ranges from construction and design of structures, roads and highways construction and processes of pollution control to the …

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Essay on The Flexibility of Engineers and Engineering

“Engineers Make the World” -Proclaims a sticker at the rear of an automobile – Well that’s true almost. Most of the conveniences that we take for granted today are the gifts from the application of various branches of Engineering. A Bachelors degree in Engineering is …

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The Characteristics Needed to be a Successful Civil Engineer, Creator of the World

“The road to success is always under construction” (Tomlin qtd. in “Lily”). Civil engineering has been around for centuries advancing its use throughout history shaping our society as a whole with its creative style of education, skills, and experiences. Analysis of civil engineer work ethics …

Civil EngineeringEducationPhysics
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The Roles and Challenges of Engineers Without Borders

Engineers without borders play a very crucial role in different aspects of human life globally. These individuals are usually committed to serve disadvantaged communities across the world through implementation of various engineering projects. One of the common challenges that engineers without borders face is that …

Civil EngineeringEngineerProfession
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An Evaluation of Planning, Designing, Constructing, and Maintaining: The Process of Building Highways

Nowadays, highways are essential as a way of transportation. The system allows efficient transportation for all sort of vehicles. Though the idea of highways seem fairly simple, what goes into the engineering process requires much consideration and skill. What is involved in the process of …

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Statement of Purpose for a Structural Engineering Masters Program

I must be 8 years old when my family moved from our village to the town where I saw pitched roads, bridges and concrete buildings. This intrigued me to ask my parents about it. Seeing my curiosity, they replied with just a word i.e. engineering. …

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Professional Civil Engineering Issues: Delivery Method Pros and Cons

After analyzing the Beamer Hall project, it is recommended that the design bid build (DBB) delivery method should be utilized. This is because the DBB delivery method would positively impact the four management topics for this project. The four management topics are cost, safety, quality, …

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Disagreements Faced by Civil Engineers When Paving Roads

I wrote this essay on one of the many discrepancies that civil engineers face, this one happens to be making the decision in what material to use when paving a road. From the rough draft to the final draft I decided to switch around the …

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