Essays on Autonomy

Essays on Autonomy

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Analyse the legal issues raised by the case of Airedale NHD Trust v Bland (1993).

Introduction The intractable dilemma of euthanasia has been thrown very much into the spotlight in the UK following the bold and final act of the House of Lords as a judicial body in Purdy v DPP [2009] UKHL 45 which saw the Department of Public …

Words 2100
Pages 9
Reflection on Three Critical Incidents in Practice

Introduction Reflective practice promotes quality care as health and social care practitioners evaluate and analyse incidents and create action plans to improve current practice (Jones, 2010; Jasper, 2006). This essay aims to reflect on three incidents in practice using Taylor’s (2006) model of reflection. This …

AutonomyCritical ReflectionMedicineStroke
Words 3103
Pages 13
Tuesdays with Morrie Sparknotes

Tuesdays with Morrie Sparknotes, is a true story about a sports writer, Mitch Albom, who found him self, restoring an old friendship. It leads him into looking after his old College professor, Morrie Schwartz and before he knew it, he was learning life’s lessons. Morrie …

AutonomyTuesdays With Morrie
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Pages 6
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The Principle of Beneficence vs Patient Autonomy and Rights

Citing medico-ethical texts and journals and selected real-life applications like electroconvulsive therapy (ECT) and the advanced medical directive (AMD), the essay argues that medical paternalism cannot serve the patient best insofar as current debates limit themselves to “who” wields the decision-making power. Such debates side-step …

AutonomyCharacter Traits
Words 2523
Pages 11
NHS Decentralisation

Abstract The decentralisation of the NHS has been part of a considerable agenda put forward by the public sector in general in a bid to create greater efficiencies and to ensure that the end user is gaining a better service within the budget confines. Over …

AutonomyDecentralizationDecision MakingEssay Examples
Words 2525
Pages 11
Mental Health Legislation of Children and Young People

Research Question To what extent do human rights play a role in the application of the provisions of the Mental Health Care Act 1983 to children aged 16 – 17 years, should parental rights be afforded greater importance or are the provisions of legislation aligned …

AutonomyChildrenJusticeMental Health
Words 1186
Pages 5
Reflection Essay on Arbitration

Introduction The concept of party autonomy provides the fundamental basis for modern international commercial arbitration law. As a result, it is widely considered to be “the most important characteristic of legislation within the field of arbitration.”[1] Party autonomy enshrines “the fundamental freedom of parties” to …

Words 2963
Pages 12
A right to [medical] treatment ‘on demand’ is unlikely to emerge

Introduction Decision-making about hospital treatment has been undergoing a slow revolution from the old perspective of the doctor knowing best and carrying out treatment without any consultation of the patient to today’s environment which is evolving towards a shared model of decision making as exemplified …

AutonomyDecision MakingHealthJusticeMedicine
Words 2156
Pages 9
Policy Analysis on Dementia Care

Abstract The policy ‘Improving Care for People with Dementia’ aims to increase diagnosis of dementia, improve health and care services in hospitals, care homes and communities, create dementia-friendly communities and widen research on dementia care. This brief aims to analyse only the aspect of improving …

Words 4455
Pages 18
What It Takes To Achieve Sustained Team Loyalty

Today, businesses are forced to confront unfavorable economic conditions, technological imperatives and demographic shifts in catering to shifting markets. In such a world where nothing is sure, creating team loyalty or employee stickiness is essential, and an outcome born of many elements that marry people, …

Words 534
Pages 3
Ethical Issues in the Social Worker’s Roles in Pas

Review and Critique of “Ethical Issues in the Social Worker’s Role in PAS (Ameda A. Manetta and Jancie G. Wells, 2001) Tracy S. Robinson September 2010 (Ameda A. Manetta and Jancie G. Wells, 2001). Ethical issues in the social worker’s role in pas. Health ;amp; …

AutonomyEthical IssuesSocial WorkStatistics
Words 1415
Pages 6

The Picture for Men: Superhero or Slacker, Stefan Bach’s The Fall of the Female Protagonist in Kid’s Movies and Amanda Marmoset’s The Shocking Radicalism of Brave all expresses a tone of opposition to the Issue of gender gap. They specifically focus on the media especially …

Words 295
Pages 2
Self Directed Work Team

Self Directed Work Team is a powerful construct since the ancient Roman host and today about 68 % of fortune 1000 companies implement SDWT construct including Ford, GM, P & A; G, FedEx, etc. ( Lawler, Mohrman, & A; Ledford,1995 ). Definition Vecchio ( 2003, …

Words 1984
Pages 8
Denotation of the Word Character

According to Webster’s dictionary, character is defined as: a person in a play or novel; distinctive trait; behavior typical of a person or group; moral strength; reputation; status; individual being”. It is this last denotation of the word “Character” that this chapter deals with: the …

Words 2925
Pages 12
Philosophy of Health Care for Women

Philosophy of Health Care for Women The enhancement of my philosophy of health care for women, through a re- examination of my original three specific concepts emotional, social and spiritual which I would blend with my knowledge that I have gained In this course. Also, …

AutonomyBeliefChildbirthEmpowermentHealth CarePhilosophy
Words 644
Pages 3
The Creation Of Walkable Communities Health And Social Care Essay

Introduction The Foresight Report compiled by the Government Office for Science states the four chief causes for fleshiness as being Biology, Impact of early life and growing forms, Behaviour, and the Living Environment, with the life environment besides playing an influence under the rubric of …

Words 2779
Pages 12
Greater Autonomy Over The Content Of The Curriculum

The being of some signifier of relationship between course of study policy and instructor professionalism would look to be an established premise. This is apparent in claims that course of study reform is frequently regarded as a menace to teacher professionalism ( Al-Hinei 2003 ; …

Words 4313
Pages 18
Reflection on Refusal of Treatment

The purpose of this essay is to select an incident which occurred during clinical placement and to discuss and reflect on it in order to improve future practice. To do this, the framework of the Marks-Moran and Rose Model of Reflection (1997) will be used. …

Words 1555
Pages 7
Overview and Criticisms of Andragogy

Andragogy, the art and scientific discipline of learning grownups, is based on a set of nucleus premises about why and how grownups learn. The first premise is that grownups are autonomous ( Knowles, 1984 ) . As a consequence, grownups learn best when their acquisition …

Words 6424
Pages 26
Origin, root and meaning of ethics

Ethics is a word that has its origins from the Greek word “ethike” that means the study of habits. It has its roots in philosophy, as it is a branch of philosophy that studies the values and customs of people and also encompasses the use …

Words 719
Pages 3
Organizational dimensions

Although there are numerous studies and dimensions of job satisfaction, only a few models and adjoining measurement instruments are available to measure the dimensions of job satisfaction, such as the Job Descriptive Index, which is one of the most widely used instruments. However, the previously …

AutonomyDecision MakingEssay ExamplesNursing
Words 797
Pages 4
What is Organizational Design

Organizational design is a process of bringing together the staff members, information and technology resources present in the organization. The organizational design is based on a formal structure and can play a major role in structural management. Organizational design plays a very important role in …

Words 672
Pages 3
Nursing Roles and Value Task 1

Nursing Roles and Value Western Governors University Nursing Roles and Value NVT2 Competency 724. 7. 1 Ethical Leadership Competency 724. 7. 2 Continuing Competency in Nursing Marisha Grimley Course Mentor March 04, 2012 Nursing Roles and Value The purpose of this paper is to evaluate …

Words 2396
Pages 10
Public Relations Professionals and Educators

As Michael Winkleman described, public relations professionals and educators are currently engaged in a vigorous discussion of the role of ethics within the profession and the means by which ethics can be taught to both public relations students and professionals. According to Winkleman, the rise …

AutonomyMoralityPublic Relations
Words 3032
Pages 13
Jaguar and Ford

Bertelsmann is one of the worlds leading media companies, and its decentalised structure has been behind this success, however it is also causing a number of issues. A decentralised structure is defined by Bartol and Martin (1998, p. 269) as, “the extent to which power …

AutonomyDecentralizationEssay Examples
Words 670
Pages 3
Avoiding Ethical Impropriety

While the primary role of a therapist is to provide counseling services, therapists often assume further professional roles related to their special knowledge and training. For example, they may be consultants, expert witnesses, supervisors, authors, or teachers. As private persons, therapists also assume nonprofessional roles. …

Words 8095
Pages 33
History Of My Nursing Practice

My nursing practice has been characterized by a marked transition from the general wards to the intensive care unit. Nevertheless, my values have remained intact. Initially, I must admit, I believed that patients had no role in determining the medication or intervention they receive. However, …

AltruismAutonomyBeliefNursingNursing Practice
Words 1794
Pages 8
Five Days At Memorial

The book approached the ethical dilemmas faced by those physicians and staff involved n the key roles of the rescue effort at Memorial Medical Center, one of the many medical facilities that were devastated by this category 5 hurricane. The physicians who remained to care …

AutonomyEuthanasiaHospitalSpecial Day
Words 2773
Pages 12
Technology in Oncology Nursing

Information technology has made improvements to patient safety. Access to patient information and records that is needed to develop and implement the plan of care can be obtained immediately at the bedside because of technology such as pagers and wireless devices. In some facilities, alerts …

Words 521
Pages 3
Moral Theories in Health Care

Desai pinky HSC601:-Healthcare Policy and Medical Ethics Date: – 10/06/2009 Question 2: What moral theories are the most important in the healthcare reform debate? The four moral theories which have been refereed in the book satisfy one or the other aspect of the ethical analysis …

AutonomyHealth CareMoralityTheoriesUtilitarianism
Words 904
Pages 4


What is the concept of autonomy?
Autonomy refers the individual's autonomy to decide for themselves or take control of their own affairs. ... Personal autonomy is the freedom to choose one's own course of action and make decisions, sometimes without regard for moral content.
What are examples of autonomy?
Independence in one's thoughts and actions is what autonomy refers to. A young adult in a strict family who is now living alone is an example of someone who is experiencing autonomy. It is the quality or condition of being independent; autonomy.
What is a person's autonomy?
Individual autonomy is a general concept that describes the ability to be oneself, to live life according to one's own motivations, and not to external influences.
Why is autonomy so important?
Autonomy can be defined as people's perception of having choices, of being able to make their own decisions and of being responsible for their actions. Managers and leaders shape information and situations to either enhance or diminish autonomy.

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