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Foxy Originals Critical Analysis

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Alternatives and options A) Discuss the pros and cons to launching the foxy brand in the United States. Foxy originals was well known name in the Canadian market. To expand its business, it decided to launch the brand in a new and broad market of United States where it has to face some pros and cons related to the entry into the new market. Pros: U. S. market is 10 times larger than Canada. The brand seeks great opportunity to further develop the business, enhance product design as well company’s brand image. Cons: U.

S market is quite different in terms of tastes for jewelry; it might take foxy some time to adapt to different customers. B) Assess each distribution strategy from a qualitative point of view Now is to decide the best appropriate method of distribution * Attending trade shows * Sales representatives Trade shows- this strategy will give an opportunity to learn about the present market trends and demands of the customers. This information will provide help to work easily on positioning the products and enhance the new line of product designs. Recommendations

Based on the quantitative and qualitative analysis we recommend to start up the business by following both the strategies of trade shows and hiring sales representative. Trade shows will allow to market the new product designs for the customers and hiring sales representative on the other hand will make it easy to enter the market quickly and form various connections with different salespersons. Also if both the approaches are followed together, it will prove profitable for the company to meet the target which has been taken into account after performing the cost and benefit analysis.

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