Meat Eaters vs Vegetarians

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Universidad del Sagrado Corazon San Juan, Puerto Rico Argumentative Essay Vicente R. Rivera Velez Jean G. Piwinski English-114 Section 6 Professor Milagros A. Rodriguez November 10, 2011 Meat eaters vs. Vegetarians If you have to choose between meat eaters and vegetarians, which side would you select? Personally we understand that vegetarian’s people eat healthier than the meat eaters but even doe, we consider our self meat eaters. Meat eaters and vegetarians are extremely different in terms of flavor and health. We are meat eaters because of its taste and flavors.

Meats have more flavors than vegetables; this is because meats contains juices and are cook with different spices that have strong flavors. Some of these flavors are parsley, basil, garlic, salt, pepper, Worcestershire sauce etc. We are not telling that vegetarians don’t eat flavored food but the reality is that meat has lots of more flavors. In terms of taste, it depends on each people for example; vegetarians will say that their food taste better and the same with the meat eaters. But we look for information from the experts and Dr.

Robert Madda in his internet page title “Meat & Vegetables on the HCG Diet” certifies that our statement it’s true, meat has more flavors and taste better. The vegetarians eat healthier because of meat having saturated fat and high cholesterol. Meat eaters have more risk of having diseases and health problems such as heart attack or stroke from the vegetarians. Some studies show that vegetarians have less opportunities of having cancer. Meat can stay in your body up to 7 years and vegetable can be easy eliminated from the body. Some vegetarians are vegetarians because they are animal activist.

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Animal activist are those people that have compassion and want to end the mistreating and the cruelty of the animals. Some meats are not healthy because some suppliers inject chemicals and preservative so it could last longer. Vegetarians also have some health risk because chicken and fish have many different bacteria. Some studies tell that they have more bacteria than a toilet. Salmonella is a popular bacterium that you can find in chicken and fish. Salmonella is a bacterium that attacks intestine and blood stream. Some examples of its effects are diarrhea, fever and give you intense pain.

Salmonella is not a deadly disease but you will feel like if you where going to die due to the huge pain. When it comes to food there is going to be always some problem because a bacterium, cholesterol, fats etc. As known meat eaters and vegetarians have typical foods. Meat eaters like every type of meat here are some example of different types of meats; steaks, cheeseburger, t-bone, fried steak, ham, pork, bacon, ribs, prime rib, lamb, veal etc. Meat eater usually like to have nest to the meat as a side order mash potatoes, baked potatoes, rice and beans, pasta and some times vegetables and salad.

Our favorite plate would be a nice steak with baked potatoes, specifically a filet mignon there is nothing better. Vegetarian people also eat great food for example; they eat fish like red snapper, maji maji, grouper, tilapia, salmon etc. Also they eat chicken, salads and vegetables; for the vegetarian people a familiar plate that they eat is baked chicken with caesar salad. This vegetarian diet is very strict a difficult to follow. Recently vegetarian population is growing, a few years ago only 3. 2% of the population was on the vegetarian diet. Today according to vegetariantimes. om 10% of the American populations are vegetarian. But a study show that 5. 2 % of the population are interested in the vegetarian diet. A 59% of the vegetarian populations are woman and the average age of vegetarian people is 30. In the other side meat eaters are better known as carnivore. Carnivore is the same as meat eaters and this term is also used in animals. For example we can say that the lion is a carnivore animal. This means that when you are carnivore you depend mainly of the meat diet. Meat eaters also have can find diseases in the food. High blood pressure, diabetes, obesity etc. re some examples of diseases. We as carnivores recommend to all the others meat eaters that these diseases are not a joke and they should do go to the doctor at least twice in a year. But a the same time eating meat give you high quality proteins an it also require all the amino acid that your body needs. Meat contains high iron compare to plant and vegetable. It’s recommended to eat meat but in moderated quantities, also you should avoid eating bacon and salami because they are very high in fats. In conclusion meat eaters and vegetarians are extremely different.

We can say that they taste different and have different flavor. The meat is the tastiest but the vegetarians are healthier. We are meat eaters because our island is full with flavors and we love to eat great food with great flavor. As meat eaters we respect the entire vegetarian community and we understand the reason of being one. At the same time we think that everyone needs to have at least a minor portion of meat because all the proteins and the iron that you will not find in a vegetarian plate. For us there is nothing like a huge plate of meat after work or after doing sport to recharge all the batteries.

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