Figure Skating

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Title: Figure skating General Purpose: To inform my audience about figure skating. Specific Purpose: To teach audience the fundamental parts of figure skating Central Idea: In order to do all fantastic figure skating perform, you have to learn the most basic parts of figure skating: to lace skates, fall and get up on skates, skate forward on ice. Introduction I. Attention step: Everyone may has seen on TV the classic "scratch spin" in figure skating, where the skater draws her arms and a leg in and speeds up tremendously. II.

Introduce topic: I am really excited about watching that and I wish I could spin freely on ice as well. III. Credibility statement: According to website Olympic. org, figure skating is an Olympic sport in which individuals, pairs, or groups perform spins, jumps, footwork and other intricate and challenging moves on ice skates. However, in order to perform all those fantastic techniques, you have to learn the most basic parts of figure skating. IV. Preview main points/state central idea: Today, I would like to tell you about how to lace your skates, how to fall and get up on skates, and how to skate forward on ice. Transition: First, let me tell you how to lace figure skates correctly because it will make the ice skating experience more enjoyable. ) Body I. Correct lacing of figure skates is very important and must be done a certain way. a. Loosen up the skates and stuff the feet inside the boots b. Tighten up the laces in the first half of the boot. c. Tighten the laces the most where the foot and the ankle bends. This is the most important part of lacing figure skates. Give the laces a good tug at this point and pull hard. d.

Next lace around the hooks. Make a criss-cross pattern with the laces and pull with both hands around each hook e. Finish with a double knot on the lace. (Transition: Now we have put on the skates. Next, the important thing we should learn is how to fall and stand up on the ice. ) II. We should practice falling and getting up since falling is part of the sport so it's natural that this will happen. ) a. First bend your knees and squat into a dip position. b. Now, fall to the side and lean a bit forward as you fall on the ice.

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Don't lean back, or you may hit your head. c. Put your hands in your lap and not on the ice. If you leave your hands on the ice, another skater could skate over your fingers! d. Now, turn over on your hands and knees. e. Take one foot and place it between your hands. Leave the other foot behind and use its toe picks to stop your feet from sliding by applying pressure to your toes. f. Now, push yourself up and you should be standing on the ice! (Transition: Finally, it’s time to slide on ice. ) III. The last basic step of figure skating is sliding forward. . Put the arms, with the palms facing down, in front on an "imaginary table" for balance. b. Lean on your weak foot, for example your left foot, then push in a diagonal direction outwards with your strong foot. Pretend as though you're shoveling snow behind and to the right of you. This will propel you forward. c. Then bring the right foot back in next to the left and repeat the process. You should pretend riding a scooter down the street. d. Remember that the toe picks on figure skates are not meant to help with pushing.

Use the entire blade to make the skates move. (Transition: That’s all I want to show you today, don’t forget these basic steps when you figure skate. ) Conclusion I. It’s really important to practice lacing skates, falling and standing up, skating forward. II. If you want to "scratch spin" even jump on ice, you have to master all these basic skills. Just keep in mind it takes a lot of practice and won't happen over night. Works Cited: “Figure skating”. Olympic. N. d. Web. 4 September 2006. Visual Aids: Figure skates.

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