Famous Historical Figures I Would Invite to Dinner

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Last Updated: 14 Nov 2022
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I would invite William Shakespeare, Donatello, Michelangelo, Raphael, Leonardo da Vinci, Queen Elizabeth I, Queen Isabella of Spain, Cervantes, Durer, Vesalius, and Titian. I would sit between Shakespeare and Queen Elizabeth I. We all enjoy theatre. We would talk about Shakespeare's plays and Queen Elizabeth's crazy family. I think those are interesting topics. Shakespeare would sit next to Cervantes. They were both playwrights and poets. They would talk about the plays and poems they've written and would compare them. This would happen as it is interesting to hear about different points.

I would seat Leonardo da Vinci next to Cervantes. They would not talk to each other though. Leonardo would be next to Michelangelo. Sculpting and painting were two skills they were famous for. That is what they would discuss. Artists usually enjoy talking about art techniques. Michelangelo would sit next to Donatello. Both were born in Italy; Michelangelo was born near Florence, while Donatello was born in it. They would converse about the differences between their statues of David. One David was made of white marble, seventeen feet tall, and in a position of thought. The other was made of bronze, five feet tall, and in a position of fighting. It is neat to find out why people make things look like they do. Raphael would sit next to Donatello. They would discuss experiences while working with the popes and church because that is what they had in common. Later on, all of them would have a conversation about all their artwork and try to figure out how the Ninja Turtles were named after them. I would tell them about it and they would be curious.

Titian would sit next to Raphael. Both were painters who developed their own styles after learning. They would compare their paintings. Raphael painted lifelike objects. Titian painted more religious pieces from the Bible along with classical myths. Sometimes hearing about different styles of painting can be educational and useful. Vesalius would sit next to Titian. Durer would sit next to Vesalius. All of them were artistic. They would discuss what kinds of art they did since they all did different kinds. Titian painted myths and Bible stories. Vesalius drew pictures of his scientific discoveries. Durer made woodcuts and engravings. Lastly, Durer would sit next to Queen Isabella of Spain. Durer worked for an emperor. Queens and emperors are similar. They would discuss their times in palaces considering it's fun to reflect on different experiences. After all the side conversations, everyone would have a conversation. We would progress around the table and talk about our childhood. In my opinion, it is great to get to know people.

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