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Exciting career

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I am a focused and self-driven person, with a bias towards the field of business. I seek to further my studies in a world-class higher learning institution, which will improve my business skills sufficiently equipping me, to be able to competently operate in the fast-changing business world. I choose California State University San Bernardino (CSUSB), since it offers me an excellent opportunity to launch an exciting career.

This is in line with the mission statement of the university, which seeks to prepare students to become productive members in business, government and the global society. This vision is in consistence with my career objective, which is to achieve competence in the field of business administration, and use this knowledge to make a difference in the world. I have been a consistent top-performer, maintaining a clean academic record all through.

As a result, I have received various honors and awards including The International Honor Society Beta Gamma Sigma, an accolade in recognition of emerging among the best performers in my undergraduate class. Other than hard work, choosing a field in which I am passionate about has greatly contributed to my success in my field of study. I am thus positive that on gaining admission to CSUSB, I shall be able to continue with the success story that has been my academic endeavor.

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My main motivation to join the College of Business and Public Administration in CSUSB is its being an internationally accredited institution. Indeed, as the slogan goes, joining CSUSB is a ticket to ‘go anywhere’. In addition, the market-tailored courses, great internship offers and cultural diversity offered by the institution makes studying in CSUSB a unique life-enriching experience. I intend to make the best out my stay in this institution, as well as to contribute positively to enrich the diversity of the university fraternity.

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