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Career Ambition

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This misconception ambition is the first thing you may crashing in front of the eyes of many of us when he finds himself after graduation without a job or is suffering even find any work by plugging breath livelihood and then thought one of us that has stabilized and is believed to function is always from eight o'clock to the second half in the public sector and others in the private sector and then interrupted it relates to his work every day so even comes last month arrested for his salary and so on , that goes to his age and referred to retirement.

And sometimes some people feel that the job Kataiwq wraps around his neck and complain of work and felt that it weighs his shoulders are asked to retire early to rest and is still active and did not reach the age of sixty No need to stand one of us with himself and see with the passage of time and the years on his appointment to this post and look what happened? Skills and gain experiences and how his role Ajtazha to develop his skills and whether he developed himself and invented something useful for his work in order to be an element product? Or do you imitate any position sets it apart from others? Man thinks ambition is to develop and put himself in front of specific targets and think how to achieve these goals and uses several methods to strive and make solutions to achieve them.

Unfortunately, many of us if he sat with himself and especially of their years in the career service will find himself after all these years has come forward and did not develop himself and got his service and the passage of the years, so you sometimes find director of his 15 years in the job and preside over many of the staff and reached the higher echelons it is not known to run a computer or speak a single word in English and a smaller staff understand these things from him.

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Perhaps some say do not awakened in the course to learn computer and other shovel this failure with his work, and tell him this is not a justification for it is possible for any one of us to develop himself outside of his term, even for an hour per day for a certain period, especially as the private institutes are available everywhere and at reasonable prices.

Even if you lose a little money you earned to develop yourself and your interest in the latter so that you alone, and this is the skills and experience gained with yourself and you will feel that you have developed yourself and give you the incentive to develop your talents and increase your ambition career with this ambition must be to you the principle of positive in your life , and you know what The principle is what you mean? The principle is the road or the approach taken in the circus and move between the different stations of your life and sometimes it's red such as lines that stopped at any concessions in the hope of achieving a certain goal.

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