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Evaluation of DOTA’s HR Policies and Strategies

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Looking somewhat deeper into the HR Policies and Strategies at DOTA we see that the prognosis is not good. The company does not seem to have concrete HR policies in place, and if there are they are certainly not aligned with the current company strategy, particularly the SEG department. From an extreme point of view HR is not even really viewed as part of DOTA at all. This can be shown by the fact that HR has no input whatsoever into the 95% required pass rate of the aptitude test that the SEG department uses for all recruitment of new staff.

The SEG Manager also shows a complete lack of respect for the HR Director when he states “Look honey. Don’t tell me what I can or can’t do in my department, OK. We started this company. We make the money. We work hard for the money. Give us some respect. My department generates the revenues. Do you know the difference between line managers and staff managers? I am a line manager. You are staff Lisa. Your job is to assist and advise and then keep quiet, OK.

” This proves that HR is not taken seriously by some senior members of staff within DOTA and that the HR department is therefore seen as the old ‘stereo-typical’ traditional incompetent support department, which deals only with admin issues such as payroll. The SEG Manager also makes it clear that his department’s focus is on doing the best possible job for the company’s clients and the quality of this work is responsible for the repeat business the company enjoys. He says nothing at all about the talents of his staff or their job satisfaction.

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Evaluation of DOTA’s HR Policies and Strategies

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He even goes as far to accuse the HR Director of being partly responsible for the sexual harassment problems as she “has been on his back to diversify” and “his boys” have not been used the female presence in the office until now. The President of DOTA is much less direct in his views but the fact that he is completely perplexed by the three cases of sexual harassment being filed in the company also shows that he is not taking HR strategy as seriously as he should be doing and this results in the meeting where much is accused but little is resolved.

The President, however, is at least aware of the grave consequences this could have on the firm unlike the SEG Manager who is quite adamant that he will not be intimidated by the EEOC investigation. The HR Director is very aware of the negative potential consequences to the company of this investigation and is appealing for help to the President in resolving these cases. She is up-to-date on all HR trends and recognizes that something urgent needs to be done to get the company out of this situation.

She also realizes that it is not just the sexual harassment cases that the company needs to look at, but also its recruitment policies (referring again to the aptitude test she knows little about; she is worried about explaining its validity to the EEOC) and the culture of the company in general. There seems to be a lack of values and culture statements throughout the company, especially within the SEG department which seems to operate in a world of its own.

It’s also not clear where HR sits in the midst of all this – is it as a separate support function to all of the departments or does it sit above those departments in line with senior management and other operational departments such as Corporate Finance for example? There is no evidence of an organizational structure at this point, so I will make the assumption that HR does not report directly to the President at this point in order to be able to make the following recommendations.

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