Evaluate the Value of the Personal Development Plan

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When creating my personal development plan I found many advantages and disadvantages that could occur. Even though I know the best ways that I learn and know what I need to do to improve my personal development plan to make it the most effective it could possibly be. There are many advantages of the personal development plan. Once creating the personal development plan you can always go back and change it, add improvements or completely change the aspects of the plan to apply to certain events or challenges throughout your life.

This means that when you go through the life you are always able to have the same plan with you so you will be able to just keep adding to it and improving it. Having the personal development plan throughout your life will show any weakness that you may have or weaknesses that may occur often, meaning you can see the pattern and change what you do to effectively sort it. However keep seeing the same weakness may have a negative effect on you as you will start to believe that you cannot improve on it.

This could get people down as they will feel that you can’t achieve personal goals you have started or created. Personal development plans are very beneficial to each person and have to be individual. Everyone could not have the same personal development plan as individuals are so different to one another. One person’s strengths may be another’s weakness and vice versa. Your own strengths and weaknesses make you who you are meaning that you have different goals and targets which you want to achieve.

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I don’t think that anyone else could ever write a personal development plan for someone else, for example a teacher writing one for a pupil. I think this as only you know your true strengths and weaknesses even though you may not always want to admit them. A teacher may make several weaknesses and smart targets for you to work on but may not give you a long enough time scale. Only you as the individual know how long you will take to complete the task or target and having these set by someone else may put unneeded pressure upon yourself.

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