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Duracell Marketing Plan

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Additionally, this new technology is placing increased demand for a stronger power supply and that is why Durable has launched a new line of batteries called Prismatic. Prismatic will utilize a unique flat battery design that will provide a more compact platform for device manufacturers to build new products on. The Challenge The goals in the marketing plan are to: 1) Establish partnerships with major electronics manufacturers, to create products that utilize and capitalize on the lightweight and slim design afforded by Prismatic. 2) Initiate and achieve a full product roll by the 2010 holiday season. Capture a significant share of the battery market for digital cameras and portable audio devices. The Durable marketing strategy is based on the creation o co-branding opportunities with major electronics manufacturers and a media campaign to educate battery consumers on the advantages of Prismatic. The alliances with manufacturers are the key to the long-term success of the Durable battery line. Situation Analysis Company Analysis The overall goal focuses on the skillful marketing of superior technology to achieve worldwide leadership.

Durable released the promotional campaign "Trusted Everywhere" for their Cooperator alkaline battery that stressed trust and reliability rather than product performance. Durable lowered list prices for the AAA and AAA batteries in response to intense price competition from Arrival and Wall-Mart. Customer Analysis Dominant users are owners of toys, audio products, cameras remote controls, and Durable Marketing Plan By disappearance Virtually all potential consumers can be reached as electronic devices and batteries are now being marketed over the Internet.

Customer service can help to determine consumer decision making by retail employees explaining the true value of Prismatic over competing batteries. Some consumers will most likely desire volume discounts if they plan on using large amounts of the batteries. Prismatic, at the same time, can appeal to consumers' practicality, trendiest, and their historic trust in the Durable name. SOOT Analysis Strengths Durable is the market leader in alkaline batteries. Durable enjoy excellent name recognition. Traducer's Prismatic line has a first-mover advantage.

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Weaknesses Prismatic batteries are new to the market and have not been consumer-tested. Durable must bear significant research and development marketing costs to launch Prismatic. Opportunities Consumer demand for devices that could be powered by Prismatic is on the rise. Current consumer demand calls for more compact electronic devices and technology is trendy. Threats The disposable battery market is extremely competitive. The battery market is highly price elastic. Competitors could develop and launch superior products.

Selected Marketing Strategy Product The size economy and extended life of Prismatic batteries will represent competitive advantages, along with name recognition and the overall trust associated with the Durable name. The marketing strategy is to place Prismatic at the top of the industry, as the next step in the evolution of portable power. Marketing activities will focus on the need for power-on-demand-longer life without replacement, no cost of purchasing a battery charger, and no hassle associated with remembering to charge the batteries on a frequent basis.

The product in this market is the same from Traducer's standpoint. The true product in this part of the strategy is a new handheld gaming device that utilizes Prismatic as a power source. They seek to offer Sony or another manufacture an avenue for product differentiation that can be used as leverage against Nineteen's Game Boy. Price Pricing will be in accordance with the value afforded to consumers relative to comparable substitutes.

As consumers have the financial wherewithal to purchase a higher-end product in the beginning, they should also be willing to pay a premium for battery supplies. Traditional Durable Cooperator AAA batteries sell for about $3. 39 for a 4-pack, and Durable Ultras sell for about $3. 79 for a 4-pack, so a target price of secondary market will be indistinguishable and therefore identical to the primary racket. Distribution (Place) Durable will be sold directly to electronic manufactures and to consumers via specialty general retail stores.

Batteries will also be sent separately to general retailers, online vendors, electronic specially stores, camera stores, and wherever compatible portable electronic devices are sold. Retail consumers can purchase electronic devices containing Prismatic batteries through specialty retail stores, general retail stores, ad online retailers and Durable will also seek to resurvey their batteries at these same merchants. Prismatic batteries will be supplied with the naming device and sold separately through specialty and general retail stores and online retailers.

Promotion The promotion of Prismatic batteries and complimentary products should highlight trust in brand, size economy, and battery life and the branding efforts will emphasize no cords, no recharging, and no moments lost. It will consist of current and potential owners of portable video gaming systems. Durable will seek to establish partnerships with video game manufactures, beginning with Sony, to develop the next generation of handheld gaming systems that utilize Prismatic technology. Conclusion

There is increasing demand to make electronic devices smaller and Durable can take advantage of this by using their cutting-edge innovation and excellent brand recognition to introduce the new Prismatic line. Durable can educate consumers, retailers, and manufactures about the Prismatic line by taking advantage of their status as a leading battery manufacturer to help ensure the product's success. Extensive financial resources give Durable the option to wait out bad economic conditions and they can work to make the best of these times by timing the launch of Prismatic with peak retail seasons.

Duracell Marketing Plan essay

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