Discipline – Necessary or Not

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Disciplining a child entails directing and teaching him or her proper behaviors and acceptable morals. Effective disciplining is all about training a child to act responsibly and practice self control. Discipline is about rewarding and punishing accordingly. It is necessary to discipline children so as to be able to guide them through the loops and turns of life. This discipline should however be within the acceptable parameters (Coloroso, Barbara, 19). Disciplining children has a number of benefits to kids.

Through disciplining, children are taught on the appropriate morals that will enable them interact well with the rest of the society. Studies have shown that the kind of the upbringing a child receives from home has a bearing on the type of characters that one exhibits in the society and in later life. Though bad behaviors in kids are not necessarily out of bad parenting, the kind of discipline that one receives will determine to a great extent personal interactions with the rest of the society (Van Zeijl, Jantien; Mesman, 628). Disciplining children is important if a child is to achieve set objectives in life.

Children have to be taught a lot of things in life and this cannot be achieved without proper discipline. Aristotle once said that the mind of an individual immediately after birth is like a tabula rasa, clean slate. The mind then is filled with knowledge as the child grows. Disciplining a child then makes him aware of what is good and what is inappropriate. It directs him t the right path arming him with useful knowledge. It helps them to learn how to obey the rules set in the society and by the government. Within the society, people operate under certain framework of set rules.

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A child who is disciplined and taught how to obey rules will enjoy useful interactions with the rest of the society. It is important that a child be taught how to obey laws and authority. Disciplining a child though does not always turn out well especially if the inappropriate tactics are applied. Parents are in a dilemma over the best strategy to raise and discipline their kids. Some parents scold and pk their children while others just talk to them in the hope that they will change (Williams, Joseph E, 26). Debate has always ranged over the benefits of pking kids as a form of punishment.

This however has been found to be more of retrogressive to a child’s development. Children may end up becoming too timid and submissive (Galivan, Janice, 38). Disciplining children may result to them becoming retroactive than proactive. Disciplining is times a ‘quick fix’ to problems. Children will tend to behave well in the presence of their parents but get out of control when such a cocoon is broken Disciplining kids may also result to a low esteem. It may create a feeling of inadequacy especially in handling important responsibilities as such kids may be used to supervision.

This mostly affects kids brought up in highly authoritative environments (Leung, Debbie W. ; Slep, Amy M,. 525). Disciplining children however is necessary if children are to develop well. Kids need a guide to direct them towards the proper paths in life. They need to be taught about the societal expectations, good morals and the appropriate attitudes in life. They have to be shown the boundaries in life, acceptable manners and the expected responsibilities. This cannot only be done through observation, it requires firmness.

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