Dealing with tardiness

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Dealing with tardiness in the workplace is a sensitive issue, especially when the employee concerned is someone that has good reputation and solid performance with the organization over a period of time. The handling of this sort of issue requires diplomacy and the appropriateness of the decision taken vary from a specific case to another. In this case, the shift supervisor should query the employee and note that although the employee had been a faithful person over the years, his reliability has recently come under question.

Also, it should be noted that he has not been reporting to work on time. An explanation of this evaluation is offered below. The employee should not be spared for his tardiness. Not only is his lateness generating a lot complain among his co-workers, he is unperturbed about his actions. The employee seems to see himself above the law. This can be seen in his attitude when approached about his tardiness. In this sort of situation, the employees attitude is important because it is an indication of his state of mind.

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He would probably harbor the idea that since no official discipline was given to him, the issue is still under control. Another important issue to consider when dealing with this sort of situation is the effect of the employee’s tardiness on the overall performance of the organization. In the case study given, the employee’s tardiness resulted in the an emergency overtime for another employee. This means that his sloppiness is affecting the performance of other employees in the organization.

Additionally, it was reported that the paramedic missed an important meeting that had been scheduled for that day. Summarily, an organization such as Emergency Medical Service cannot afford to joke with the tardiness of an employee. Doing so would mean putting the lives of people in jeopardy. Although the result of the meeting that was missed by the paramedic is was not documented, such tardiness might as well result in the death of a patient which will cause a problem for the organization.

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