Dealing with Limited Resources

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            Limited resources directly affect the provision of quality healthcare and the fulfillment of regulatory and legislative standards and goals. These resources include but are not limited to healthcare equipments and facilities, manpower in terms of nurses or doctors, and financial resources for purchasing medications needed by the healthcare facility for future patients. Dealing with those resource limitations requires the ability to carefully create and execute a strategy or a plan that balances the need to provide quality healthcare and satisfy regulations with the limitations present.

            One central strategy is to prioritize the patients with dire medical needs without abandoning those with lesser medical attention needs. By carefully identifying the patients that badly need quality healthcare services and attending to their needs first, the task to provide healthcare is not compromised. Doing so does not mean that the rest of the patients will be forgotten and set aside. Rather, the rest of the patients will nevertheless get their share in the healthcare services provided after the ones with utmost healthcare needs are attended to. Read about limitations of Manpower Planning

            Another strategy is to maximize the resources, from manpower to facilities and equipment, by making use of all nurses and doctors available to cater to the patients. Maximizing the resources can also be done by making use of all the available equipments and the medicines depending on the medical needs of the patients. Although manpower, facilities, equipments and medicines may be limited, it does not necessarily mean that the provision of healthcare should be trimmed. On the contrary, the provision of quality healthcare is still a priority so that the patients will not suffer from unwanted consequences from the limited resources. The most immediate concern is to provide quality healthcare to the patients, which is followed by the need to augment the limited resources as soon as possible.

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