Coping with Methuselah

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In the reading selection "Coping with Methuselah", the authors Aaron and Schwartz work well together to convey their ideas using all three principles of argument to their readers. Aaron and Schwartz literally begin with the principle of ethos in their passage titled "About the Authors" which states their professional accomplishments (articles they have written, major universities they are associated with) individually and together. Immediately this reader is convinced that their knowledge base is extensive and they are a reducible source.

Eifel it was especially convincing for these two colleagues to voice the same arguments to its audience together. There is more authority when two professionals with such expertise are voicing the same concerns. They also use the principle of pathos (probably the most) throughout the reading selection. Some examples are the title alone. "Coping with Methuselah" immediately takes the reader straight to religion which can bring to the table a large array of emotions.

Another example is Aaron and Schwartz asking the reader open ended questions such as "Is the age of Methuselah at hand? And if so What does this mean for public policy in the U. S. Or the world? " This allows the reader to feel in control of their own thoughts but these questions are rhetorical. They are followed by information that transform your thoughts. The biggest emotional play here was their questions to the audience about if a patient refuses the extension of their wan life (has a choice).

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Would this be considered a form of suicide? Wow! Lastly, the authors use the principle of logos throughout the reading selection also. Aside from emotions, a great deal of the audience wants logical justifications as well. They give many ideas to how this will change the costs of Social Security, Medicare, etc. They suggest to the reader that money, stability and global demographics will be negatively affected.

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