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Cooperative FOCCUS Management and History

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Cooperative Management

Background of the Cooperative FOCCUS (Finance Organization achieving Certified Credit Union Standard) is a brand awarded to AMPC by the World Council of Credit Union based in the United States through CUES (Credit Union Empowerment and Strengthening) last 2003. Being branded a “FOCCUS” coop is a stamp of class and a seal of guarantee of the members’ financial investment security, as well as, its excellent, efficient and quality service.

History of the cooperative

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Pereyras, the funecare is intended to respond to its members’ clamor for a “womb-to-tomb” complete service to them. The funecare service has filled in the gap toward a total member service satisfaction. “Tagum Cooperative gives value to its industry name. It is sensitive to its public image as a top-ranked cooperative. It does not sit on its laurels. It continues to innovate to benefit its members. And despite its greatness in the sector, it has kept its humility as an institution. No wonder, it has evolved into a model and well-respected cooperative. I will not be surprised if Tagum.

Cooperative is declared the best managed coop in the entire Philippines or in this part of Asia. To our mind, it is a fact waiting to happen in just a matter of time,” the CDA regional director concluded. History of the cooperative Almost forty years ago, Tagum Cooperative was just an obscure, self-surviving money lending institution. Now, it is a world-class Savings and Credit Cooperative recently adjudged “Winner” both in Regional and National Categories of the Business Excellence Award for Small and Medium enterprise (SMEs) organized by the Philippines Small and Medium Business Development Foundation, Inc. PHILSMED) The Business Excellence Award for SMEs was received by the Tagum Cooperative Chairperson, Ms. Norma R. Pereyras, herself a Regional and National Awardee for Outstanding Volunteer for Best Practices, 2002, along with the Tagum Cooperative Vice-Chairperson, Ms. Monica L. Salido and Manager, Ms. Juris D. Perez, CPA, MBA. The said Award was given by the representative of the The Secretary of Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), Hon. Peter B. Favila, together with Ms. Mina T. Gabor, Ph. D. , President of Philippine Small and Medium Business Development Foundation, Inc. PHILSMED), Usec.

Hon. Lecira V. Juarez, Chairperson, Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Mr. Cresencio Selipara, 1st Vice-President- Landbank of the Philippines, Mr. Donald Patrick Lim, Vice-President for Marketing- Philippine Daily Inquirer and Ms. Agnes Celeste D. Fernando, Head SME – Channel Distribution, Globe Telecom on October 6, 2005 at the Philippine International Convention Center (PICC), Reception Hall, which was attended by more or less 1,300 cooperators all over the country. Other Awardees/ Recipients for the National Category were: R. A. Gapuz Review Center- Manila, Lighthouse Cooperative, Inc. - Cagayan, Mabini Limers and Farmers Multi-purpose Cooperative,Inc. – Guimaras and New Central Woodcraft- Iligan City, of which Tagum Cooperative garnered the highest points. Tagum Cooperator’s belief in the value of work in service has brought the great twist. From its humble beginning as “Holy Name Society (HNS) of Tagum Parish” in May, 1967 with only a handful Members and an available Share Capital of only P80. 00,Tagum Cooperative had slowly stepped up to the limelight, now, conveniently servingits more than 26,000 members, of which 61. 0% composed of Woman-Members, coming from Tagum City and its nearby provinces and cities, with a laudable P475. 1 Million in Assets, “No External Borrowings” for the last five years. Now, Tagum Cooperative has a computed Loan Portfolio of P317. 1 Million that served over 160,000 households in coordination and tie up with Local Government Unit (LGU) that had helped and support in addressing the economic problem. Alleviating them from poverty line and upgrading their social, educational and health status.

It was branded a Finance Organization achieving Certified Credit Union Standards (FOCCUS) in the year 2000 by the World Council of Credit Unions (WOCCU), based in the United States of America (USA), through its outreaching- cooperative program office in the Philippines, popularly known as the Credit Union Empowerment and Strengthening (CUES)- Philippines, which have become the tenets of the Cooperative in its operations, programs, and policies, thus Tagum Cooperative as World Class savings and credit cooperative provides the necessary environment for the safe and security of the member’s money, giving the highest interest rates on their deposits and savings through the adoption of a sound, effective and rigid financial management.

Today, Tagum Cooperative is among the prime movers of the Country’s Cooperative Movement, being one of the leading and most active affiliates of the National Confederation of Cooperatives (NATCCO), Mindanao Alliance of Self-help Societies- Southern Philippines Educational Cooperative Center (MASS-SPECC) and Model Credit Network (MCN). Moreover, Tagum Cooperative is a leading advocate in the province in empowering or providing opportunities and protection to women through its Gender and Development and Family Enrichment Program, Savings and Credit with Education (SCWE) Program, wherein 1,707 Woman-Members have availed of P4. 2 Million worth of loans for their livelihood or income-generating projects, Tagum Cooperative Women’s Livelihood Association, Inc. (TCWLAI) wherein 70 members have availed the technology of meat and food processing and candle making, thus, it  aimed at augmenting their respective family’s income.

Core values, Mission and Vision

All of these achievements are made possible because Tagum Cooperative stand firm to its commitment to extend the best service to its members and that each member will be proud of being a part of Tagum Cooperative. Thru good governance by its able Officials, empowered Management Staff and well informed membership, Tagum Cooperative is posed continue its active participation as a Cooperative and as a partner of the government in progress and economic development of the Province of Davao del Norte, the neighboring provinces and the Philippine Cooperative sector in general. Core values T – Trustworthness A – Accountability G – Good Centered U- Unity M – Member Friendly C – Competence O – Optimism

O – Openness P – Passion The Mission and Vision

Mission: To promptly delivered innovative and responsive products and services to a member in a secured financial environment

Vision: Tagum Cooperative is the best “One-Stop-Shop” Cooperative for total member care.

How to Join

  • STEP 1. Attend one (1) hour Pre-Membership Orientation from Monday to Saturday@ 9:00-10:00 A. M. or 4:00-5:00 P. M.
  • STEP 2. Fill-up Membership Application Form and submit it with 2 pcs 2x2 recent colored picture with your name and date.
  • STEP 3. Pay the required amount, as follows: Membership

The Products and Services Offered


A compulsory savings to all TC Members. It is a liquid savings account with no contractual maturity and can be withdrawn anytime with a minimum maintaining balance of Php 500 and will earn 4% interest per annum based on the Average Daily Balance (ADB). It has a specially designed passbook issued upon opening of the account. Depositors who religiously observe regular savings will have the chance to be awarded “Savings Depositor of the Year” during the Annual General Assembly.

Diligent Savers of Regular Savings will get specially designed promo items.

Share Capital

A compulsory deposit to all members. It has a minimum share required to be completed within 2 years from date of membership. The share capital deposit cannot be withdrawn unless Member will terminate his/her membership. Interest Rate: 8,000 and up = 7% per annumInitial Deposit: Php500. 00Minimum requirement: Php8,000. 00Characteristics:A cumpulsory deposit to all members. Php8,000 minimum share required to be completed within 2 years from date of membership. Share Capital Deposit cannot be withdrawn unless Member will terminate his/her membership.

Earns divided aside from the guaranteed interest. A specially designated passbook is issued upon opening an account. Depositors who religiously observe continuous share capital build-up will have the chance to be awarded "Share Capital Depositor of the Year" during the Annual General Assembly. Through point system, depositors will get specially designed promo items.

Youth Savers Club

A savings product for kids 0-12 years old with a specially designed passbook issued upon opening an account. It has a minimum of P50. 00 to open an account and maintaining balance is P 50. 00 and will earn 4% interest per annum based on the Average Daily Balance (ADB).

Member will receive gift items upon signing the application form as Tagum Coop

Power Teen Savers Club

A savings products for teens 13-17 years old with especially designed passbook issued upon opening an account. Minimum of 50. 00 pesos to open an account. Maintaining balance is 50. 00Member will receive gift items upon signing the application from as Tagum Coop's way of welcoming new members. Diligent savers will receive specially-designed items that can be used at home or at school. The more the teens save the more rewards they get. Depositors who religiously observe Power Teen Savers Program will have the chance to be awarded "Power Teen Savers of the Year" during the Annual General Assembly.

This is the perfect gift that the parents, grandparents, uncles/aunts, godparents, brothers/sisters can give to their children, nephews, nieces, grand children on graduation, Christmas, birthdays, etc.

Time Deposit

A special time deposit certificate is issued to the member for every account opened. Interest on deposits varies depending on the amount, the longer the term and amount, the higher the interest rate. Upon maturity date, the member may renew the said time deposit account , however if the member  misses to renew his/her time deposit on maturity date, Tagum Cooperative is  authorized to automatically roll over the said time deposit with the same term and rate.

In case a member decides to terminate the time deposit account prior to maturity date, Tagum Cooperative will subject the  member’s Time Deposit to 4% interest p. a. Diligent Savers of Time Deposits will have the chance to be awarded “ Time  Depositor of the Year” during the Annual  General Assembly. | * Pabilisang Savings para sa mga Drivers Advocacy (PaSaDA)| Aims to encourage drivers to start a daily habit of saving and realize their desire to build up a contingency fund.

In the tradition of its founders, cooperative Members, Officials and Staff believe in the ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring for others and the community. PMPC is a financial service, member-owned Cooperative dedicated to provide the financial needs of its members since 1965. PMPC is a Finance Organizations achieving Certified Credit Union Standard (FOCCUS) ; branded cooperative. It has achieved International Prudential Standards on Financial Ratios designed to protect members ; assets which will ensure operational sustainability and quality of member service. PMPC is implementing the MCUB methodology.

MCUB (Model Credit Union Building) is a technology designed to transform a COOPERATIVE into a Model Credit Union (MCU) which adheres to Financial Disciplines where ; Members ; money is safe and protected. PMPC is a leading affiliate of the largest and strongest confederation of cooperatives in the Philippines which is the National Confederation of Cooperatives or NATCCO, with National Headquarters located at 227, J. P. Rizal Street, Project 4, Quezon City, Metro Manila; the Mindanao Alliance of Self-Help Societies-Southern Philippines Educational Cooperative Center (MASS-SPECC) based in Cagayan de Oro City; and, the Model Cooperative Network (MCN), situated at Rm. 324 GB Cam Bldg. , Monteverde St. Davao City, the official network of the FOCCUS branded cooperatives in Mindanao. PMPC is a bonafide member and staunch supporter of COOP-NATCCO PARTY-LIST, the only Party-List in Philippine Congress that represents the true voice of the Philippine Cooperative Sector and the underprivileged workers and small business entrepreneurs. History of the cooperative Through the zealous effort of Panabo Parish Priest Fr. Eugene Simon, PMPC was organized with 15 founding cooperators with a combined initial share capital of seven thousand five hundred pesos (P 7,500. 00) in 1965. Today, through prudent management ; adherence to financial disciplines, PMPC has magnified its growth by over 25,000 member-user strength and P312 million in assets (as of July 2008).


Cooperative FOCCUS Management and History essay

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