Compare and Contrast Critical Analysis

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Many artifacts and old ancient works of art seem to have similarities and differences amongst one another.

The Egyptian Sculpture of Khafre can easily be compared to the Seated Scribe by the way they are created and for the purposes of their creation. The Egyptian Sculpture of Khafre is one of three current pyramids to still have sustained their veneer. It is also duly noted because of the Great Sphinx behind the Khafre Valley temple.The sculpture has a feature called clerestory, a lot of tall narrow windows along the walls that lets in light that help make the polished floor shine even more. But mainly it has a huge statue of Khafre himself that shows him as a king on his throne. He wears a traditional headdress made of linen, has a short kilt, and a fake beard. All symbolizing the dignity, calmness, and permanence he held while in power.

In his right hand he holds possibly a rolled piece of cloth and both arms are pressed tightly in the contours of his body.And he himself is held firmly in his throne. His throne back is made up of Horus’s wings that shield Khafre. The legs of the throne are made up of lions which show authority and power. And the intertwined lotus and papyrus show his power over upper and Lower Egypt. This entire sculpture is made up of a unique type of gneiss that came from Nubia and with this stone, when sunlight hits it; it shines even brighter and emits a deep blue shade. That is what makes the Egyptian Sculptures of Khafre unique from the Seated Scribe.

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Speaking of the Seated Scribe, that sculpture has its own qualities that make it different from other sculptures such as the Egyptian Sculpture of Khafre. This is a sculpture that originates from the style of making sculptures of less prominent people compared to kings and noble men. They are sculptures of people that are more relaxed and frozen in an image of typical behavior for that person. In this instance, this was created about a writer and made in the early part of the fifth dynasty.This sculpture shows the round head, alert expression, and a cap of hair that shows the simplicity and the physical facial features of this scribe. Also, it shows offset pupils that show that his eyes were probably in motion trying to locate something. Also, it shows how his body appears saggy, and that shows the life this scribe led that was free of hard strenuous physical labor.

He holds a papyrus scroll kind of unrolled on his lap and in his right hand he holds a old fashioned reed brush that was used for writing back in that time. And these qualities show what makes him set apart from other sculptures of his time.But even though these sculptures have their own uniqueness, they still share some similarities that make them more of the same time period and help bring out facts about what was what back then. They are both sculptures to show importance of people of some sort in their time period. They also show characteristics that help show the life in the sculptures and it shows the traits and personality of the people they are sculptures of. So despite many differences between the two works of art, they still have parts that make them similar in at least some aspects.

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