Different Interpretations of Love in Poetry

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Though we are all equipped with the ability of loving someone, but the flow of love we let out is different from one to another. Besides, we can also clearly observe a world of different ways of love between couples, husbands and wives, or even mothers and children. For example, in the poem, "Leaving the Motel", are two secret lovers sharing their love after an afternoon sexual encounter, while in " After Making Love We Hear Footsteps", the presence of the couple's child perfect the family love. Thus, different poet will interpret the same topic distinctly.

Reading through these two poems, the very first difference that I observe is the tone used in the poem. In "Leaving the Motel", everything seems to go so fast, and the speaker keeps looking from here to there carefully and sprightly. Besides, the large uses of enjambment indicates that the actions shouldn't include any pauses and must be done all the way until everything is in the right position, such as the following lines quoted below, Check: is the second bed Unreeled, as agreed? Landlords have to think ahead In case of need, (lines 5-8)

Beside the enjambments used in lines, find out that author ingeniously utilized the enjambment between paragraphs such as paragraph 5 to paragraph 6: We've paid. Still, should such things get lonely, An aspirin to preserve Our lilacs, the wayside flowers (lines 19-22) Leave in their vase And from above, it's dawn on me that though they eager to express the true feelings in their minds, they failed to do so. As the tone shift, the word "still" in line 19 and the truth that "A few more hours; / That's all" (lines 24-25) reveals nothing could actually last.

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This kind of erotic love contained not only worrying but also guilt, because the love can't be preserved as long as possible and can't be confirmed under the sun. This tone is much different with the other poem, "After Making Love We heard Footsteps". At the beginning of the first stanza, For I can snore like a bullhorn or play loud music or sit up talking with any reasonably sober Irishman (lines 1-3) these lines portray a lighthearted tone. Later author put down the sweet sex of the couple, describing the sounds of the progress in lines 6 and 7, "but let there e that heavy breathing / or a stifled come-cry anywhere in the house".

In contrast with the brisk and short tone in "Leaving the Motel", it is rather meticulous and enthusiastic. Likewise, the tones secretly shift as the third person shows up, the emergence of a little boy. At first, consider the image of boys insecurity in such a big house would be a bad interruption in a negative light, as the boy leaves a question, "Are you loving and snuggling? May join? " (line 16) But I am utterly wrong as the tone showing me the love the parents hold for their child.

In second stanza, which I considered the most touching and convincing one, when speaker said, "this one whom habit of memory propels to the ground of his making (line 22) and this blessing love gives again into our arms. " (line 24), they pick up the meaning of sex and it is through the progress that their child came to the family. Hence, the word "love" in line 24 carries two meanings. One is sex of love and the other is the child of love. Except the tone and internal form, we may also find details about the poems.

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