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Last Updated: 08 May 2020
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A commercial transactional website is a site where visitors can complete some kind of transaction. The most common type is where visitors can order and pay for goods such as food, books, clothing ect. Other types are where people can buy services such as flights or sites provided by banks, where customers can transfer money and can pay bills. The commercial transactional website that I will be investigating is 'Viagogo'. Viagogo is online ticket exchange where you can buy and sell live event tickets in a safe and guaranteed way.

Viagogo splits the site into many different sections. They split the selling and buying of tickets into different categories, these are Concerts, Sports and Arts and Theatres. Using these categories it enables you to find the tickets that you would like to buy and or sell easy to find. Viagogo offer two main services - Buying tickets and selling tickets. You are able to buy tickets for Concerts, Sporting events and Art and Theatre and also sell tickets for all of the categories mentioned before.

Viagogo have recently launched with the announcement that they have signed exclusive groundbreaking deals with Manchester United and Chelsea FC, which means that fans can now legally buy and sell unwanted season tickets directly to other fans for the first time. When you attempt to buy tickets the information provided is very thorough. For example when you try to purchase unwanted season ticket seats from Manchester United you are told what section, what row and what seat number the ticket is, the number of tickets available, the price of the ticket and the amount of time left to purchase the ticket.

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From the above screen shot you are able to see the information that is displayed when you attempt to purchase a ticket. There are two types of transactions that can take place on Viagogo. These are the buying and selling of tickets. These transactions have been made by following through the instructions that Viagogo have made available on the website. To sell tickets you have to follow the instructions that are on the website and the same is done for the purchasing of tickets. Viagogo capture customer information in both overt and covert ways. To purchase or sell tickets on Viagogo registration is required.

This is 'overt' as you are giving the information to them. Viagogo also uses 'covert' means of getting information from you, without you having to tell them. The way this is done is by having an account and any information that you use is stored in this area e. g. Tickets purchased or sold. The website also authenticates the identify of their customers in a way that when you create an account with Viagogo you need to enter a security question and answer to protect your username and password with will more important protect you account from people who would wish to hack into the account.

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