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Methodology Where was data collected? Data was collected at Cipero River, South Trinidad The Cipreo River was chosen as the area of study for pollution. The study of pollution was ideal for the area, as it is a major area which is situated near the San Fernando region, these very rivers banks where also overflown of the year 2010. When was data collected? The field study was conducted on June 12th 2012, between the hours of 8. am. and 10. am. How was data collected? Data was obtained by the use of various instruments, such as a * Camera * Pen Stationary paper * Measuring tape * Stopwatch * String * Cups * PH meter What was done to obtain this data? * 7 points of the Cipero river were examined, at each point of the river a cup was lowered into the water, by the use of the string, to obtain water from the river, the PH meter was then used to determine whether that part of the water was polluted, by showing results from the test either being acidic or alkaline. * Data was also obtained, by determining the velocity of the water at each point of the river, which was visited. 1.

Stationary paper was used to make a paper boat 2. Measuring tape was then used to measure a certain distance, this determined the departure and arrival of the boat at the given area. 3. The boat was then released and the stopwatch immediately started 4. When the paper boat passed the required distance the stopwatch was then stopped, results where then recorded. Aim * To identify the causes and consequences of pollution, at various points along Cipero River South, Trinidad. Analysis and Discussion Do you know the meaning of the word pollution?

Longman Geography for CSEC gives the definition as, “…the unclean state of the environment resulting in physical, chemical and biological changes that can seriously affect ecological systems. ” Pollution results from the improper disposal of waste, whether solid, liquid or gas, with this being said from the results which were obtained at Ciprero River it is my belief that the river is polluted. Seven points of the river were examined at the river and at each point which was visited there was pollution of various forms present.

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At the beginning of the river it was slightly polluted there was little improper disposal of unwanted materials such as garbage and iron present, this may have been due to individuals who pass nearby the river occasionally, and also due to motor vehicles who are constantly passing on the roads on a daily day to day basis. Despite this it was noticed that as I examined more and more points of the river, the more polluted it seemed. At point four of the river there was pollution present in the water due to improper drainage caused by industries, industrial waste was seen circulating in the water.

At various parts of the water it was brown and murky black in color, it also had an offensive smell. There are three types of major pollution that can be observed at the Cipero River. Land pollution is one of them, the Cipero River is located in an area which is close to the town San Fernando, many people on a daily bases pass through this area to go to attend their jobs, and also to reach to the town. It can be said that people often throw and dispose of their garbage improperly and due to the constant presence of individuals passing through this region, more and more garbage is accumulating near and inside the river.

Water pollution is the second major form of pollution, in the form of sewage due to improper drainage. Water enters the river due to the housing developments poor drainage system and also from industries that release harmful chemicals and waste into the water, this affects the color and quality of the water. Water pollution, also poses a threat to the animal species that are present in the water, it was observed that at point one of the river fishes and alligators were seen living in this river as their habitat, when the water becomes polluted and they can’t survive, what will be the outcome?!

Offensive odour also presents itself as pollution, improper drainage from people’s houses and industries enters the water causing it to have an unpleasant odour. The Cipero River is also located on a road which is constantly busy, sometimes at night people may also not have a choice and urinate near the river, this along with the water pollution and land pollution increases the smell of the river making it smell more fowl.

Conclusion Evidently there is a problem of pollution which is present at the Cipero River, due to types of pollution such as, sewage, offensive odour, and waste water. This is mainly due to poor waste and sewage practices and poor regulation of drainage, this problem can be easily stopped if individuals are willing to make a difference. In conclusion, the matter of pollution is one that is not taken seriously in Trinidad and Tobago, all around us every day we see pollution existing, yet still nobody seems to care.

Pollution is something that should be addressed more regularly because although it may seem like it’s not important, it is. Table Of Contents The Aim of the study Location of field study Methodology Presentation of data Analysis and Discussion Conclusion Bibliography Presentation of data Bibliography * The site of Cipero River South Trinidad * Paul Guiness et al. Geography for CSEC. Nelson Thornes, 2008 Name: Karishma Ramtahal School: Parvati Girls Hindu College Class: 5M1 Topic: Pollution at Cipero River South Trinidad

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