Chick-Fil-A’s Religious Roots and Early History

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Chick-Fil-A is a fast food restaurant based off a religious based principle. Truett Cathy the founder of the company always put his religious beliefs ahead of all things. All Chick-Fil-A's are closed on Sundays so that the employees of the company can attend church (Chick-Fil-A). Truett Cathy opened his own Diner at the age of 25.

Truett and his brother Ben opened up the Dwarf Grill in Hapeville, Georgia, a suburban area in Atlanta Georgia, in 1946, after Truett Cathy was discharged from the U.S. Army. The two brothers wanted to build the fast food restaurant near a striving company, which was a Ford Auto plant. Hoping that hungry employees would come and buy, and it worked. Truett and Ben noticed when they were serving the customers, they were taking rolls and chicken, turning them into a sandwich.

Giving them and ideal for the concept of Chick-Fil-A. Tragedy Truett's brother Ben and another brother were killed in a plan crash but Truett continued to run the Dwarf House which before was the Dwarf Grill. The Dwarf Grill soon became a franchised throughout the Atlanta area (The balance small business). A Chick-Fil-A manager in Texas decided to post a list of banned words and phrases on Reddit. That list of words went viral. Chick-Fil-A has not responded to that list of banned words yet.

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Eric the manager at the Texas Chick-Fil-A listed the unacceptable slang workplace phrase because he believes in the command: "You will speak properly when you walk through these doors" (Suhay).

The list of words included: "cuz," "Bae," "Bruh," and other urban terms. Also, on that list was the word "Ebola" because some of the employees have accused people in the establishment of having the deadly disease while working (Suhay). Gottsman suggest that, "Slang and business really do not go hand-in-hand" (Suhay).

Gottsman, who coaches major corporations and university students made a rare appearance to help a group of teenagers learn proper businesses and interview protocols in preparation for college and scholarship interviews. (Suhay). Gottsman says," It shouldn't matter that this is a fast food establishment. Employees should be ambassadors of the company they work for" (Suhay). Organization behaviors impacts the success of the company.

A company that have motivated, engaged employees with clear goals that aligned with the company's strategy, creates a successful company. Organization behavior can help a company perform well (Managing People and Organizations 8). It is important when working in an establishment, speaking well and clearly to the customers possess as good communication skills. Communication allows us to form connection. Influence decisions and motivate change.

Decisions that the leaders make tend to help mold the culture of the company. Making the wrong decisions can have a great impact on the business or organization. Leaders have a responsibility to make the right decisions for everyone involved. Truett created a successful business at Chick-Fil-A's because of a highly effective business model.

He created something bigger than himself based on his leadership style. "They've experienced a more than 10% sales increase almost every year since launching in 1946. Franchisees retention rate has been 96% for nearly 50 years, while the corporate staff retention rate has hovered at 95-97% over the same time period" (Forbes Magazine).

Letting your employees know that you are there for them is team building practice. Chick-Fil-A believes that all business leaders can introduce growth and development for their own companies.

The company encourages its staff to develop different programs; plans and support them by providing budget necessary class, books, training and conferences to help with team building within the company. Chick-Fil-A is one of the largest privately-owned restaurant chains with 1,450 restaurants in 38 states, with its charitable sponsor of religious and community groups world wide (Vivian).

Building trust, mitigating conflicts, encouraging the communities and increasing collaboration is what Chick-Fil-A does. Every single Chick-Fil-A is closed on Sundays; Truett Cathy says, "Our decision to close on Sundays was a way of honoring God and directing attention [on] things [that are more] important than [the] business" (Vivian).

Spending time with family and having time to recover from a hard week of work; helps the moral of the employees to have a common goal, allowing bonding to happen more organically and far more effectively for the company. The successful chain has used it success to commit to education. Earning $25 million dollars in Leadership Scholarships, the company has allocated $1.4 million of that to be awarded to its team members of the fast food chain (Vivian).

Team building expands not only to the employee but the customers too. Cow Appreciation Day is a day costumer get to dress up like a cow and receive a free chicken sandwich. The appreciation day is to show their thanks to the loyalty of the customer's. Because of the team building this company haves not only for their employees but for the customers; they have a large and growing base of Chick-Fil-A fans around the world (Vivian).

Process gain plays an important role in team building it is part of the performance improvement. That is when people work together and not independent (Management People and Organization 268). Chick-Fil-A is always trying new things with their staff that can generate good vibes among the employees, which benefits the business.

Team togetherness builds results for the business long term. Socializing and making friends in the workplace is a great way to increase productivity in the company. Its increases morale in the workplace and a better way of solving everyday workplace issues.

When a business provides team building activities together, employees have a better understanding of others weakness, strengths and interest.This helps with better understanding to work together on future progress, which is vital to the company. Chick-Fil-A has build Social Facilitation, this happens when the employees and staff are motivated to look and feel good to others and maintain a positive image (Management People and Organization 269).

Chick-Fil-A has established team efficacy, it shares beliefs that can be organized and execute the behaviors in it company (Management People and Organization 269). Improving productivity can be a difficult thing to do in a business. You can not always tell which solutions are right for the company. Trying solutions one at a time can be time consuming and expensive.

The best approach is to take steps that are necessary to get your staff and employees on board. One approach Chick-Fil-A will plan to try and that is broaden their appeal to the Millennial market.

The Millennials will broaden Chick-Fil-A's national and, ultimately, international growth plans (Horovitz). Chick-Fil-A also plans to replace all of it's current salads and replacing them with an entirely new salad, focusing on fresh ingredients (Horovitz).

The company will introduce new wraps and post calorie counts on new menu boards (Horovitz). This fast food restaurant knows that it needs to be able to look at what is working well and where there is room for improvement. The workers of a business are the ones who are immersed in the production processes on a daily basis, so empowering them on developing ideals for improvement for the company, is always a great thing to do. Workers who feel empowered are more likely to demonstrate increased productivity.

Chick-Fil-A has exceptional service, quick service and cleanliness because of the hard workers. Many of the franchisees offer training classes for their employees to earn certificates in managing food, labor cost managing conflicts in restaurants and other areas of expertise with in the company.

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