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Central African Republic

Central African Republic is the landlocked country located in the center of Africa. The country lies largely in the savanna zone of Africa. The north part is treeless, whereas the southern portion of the country contains dense tropical rainforests.

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The climate is too bad and moist because it covered with waterways and mountains.

The population of the country is moderately populated. Agriculture is the largest sector and basis of Central African Republic because it situated on a fertile pleatue and abundant in water resources. So, in upcoming paragraph I will explain the population growth, components of population growth, total fertility rate, life expectancy and population pyramid of the Central African Republic in the year 1997, 2017 and 2037.

In 2017 the population of the Central African Republic is increasing because the death rate is low constant and low during this year. On the other hand the birth rate is also decreasing but still higher than the death rate. According to, demographic transition theory the country is in phase 3 which is called transitional stage. Demographic transition is a model of population change in which high birth and death rates are replaced by low birth and death rates (Knox, Marston and imort .p.g.90).

This happens due to improvements in hygiene (e.g. Availability of clean water and basic sanitation), nutrition and health services. Besides the decreasing birth rate; the population is still high due to the change in family pattern and also government spend less money on child benefits and maternal grants.

The most common way for demographers to graphically represent the composition of the population is an age-sex pyramid, which is a representation of the population based on its composition according to age and sex. In an age-sex pyramid of Central African Republic there is baby boom appears in all the three years. Moreover, there is high fertility rate and low mortality rate in all three years. The average life expectancy (average no.of years a member can expect to live at current death rates.) of the people is 70 years and the death rate is approximately same in all the three years.in 2037 there is high dependency rate as compared to other years because there is more people in the youth charot than the people in the working class.(census, bureau).

As according to population pyramid graph of the Central African Republic they predict that In 2037, there will be high population in the age group of 0-14 as compared to the other age group because birth rate seems to be increasing in the years 2017and 2037 and due to this there is more people in younger age group as compared to working class.Similarly,in 2037 this younger age group grow up and join the workforce but still there is high population in younger age group and consistency appears in the people of old age group. And due to this there is high dependency rate in the year 2037(census bureau).

A demographic transition is a “model of population change in which high birth and death rates are replaced by low birth rate and death rates” (Knox, Marston & Imort pg.90). According to demographic transition theory in 2017, Population of Central African Republic lies in transitional phase (phase 3).

Population trend increase in the year 2017 whereas birth rate and death rate decrease. Total population of demographic republic was 5,625,118 and its birth rate was 34.3 and death rate 13.2 this is because of industrialization. Most people focus on their carrier and they believe in family planning because due to industrialization life become more expensive.(census, bureau)

Economic: Subsistence agriculture, together with forestry and mining, remains the backbone of the economy of the Central African Republic (CAR), with about 60% of the population living in outlying areas. The agricultural sector generates more than half of GDP. Timber and diamonds account for most export earnings, followed by cotton.

Important constraints to economic development include the CAR’s landlocked geography, poor transportation system, largely unskilled work force, and legacy of misdirected macroeconomic policies. Factional fighting between the government and its opponents remains a drag on economic revitalization. Distribution of income is extraordinarily unequal. Grants from France and the international community can only partially meet humanitarian needs (2018, economy and trade). Due to the poor facilities people are not able to survive longer and the population seems to be less in the old age group.

Social: Gender equality is only a dream for women in the Central African Republic, although, in comparison to other countries in the sub-region, the country has made a lot of progress. Women are treated as inferior to men both economically and socially, and women in rural areas suffer more discrimination than their urban counterparts. About 60 to 70 percent of urban women attend primary school as opposed to 10 to 20 percent of their rural counterparts.

As the CFR is the developing country there is equal participation of the male and females in workforce appears in the year 2017 and 2037 as compared to 1997( 2018,women in business). On the home front, the entire family is involved in infant care. Infants are traditionally weaned only when they are about two years. There are only a few childcare units, and Christian missionary schools typically operate them. Due to these facilities available to them they are able to have more child.

In its survey of 191 countries, the World Health Organization ranked the Central African Republic’s health care system second from the bottom in overall performance. Medical facilities are extremely limited in the Central African Republic, and the quality of care is unreliable. Sanitation levels are low, and drinking unfiltered tap water is inadvisable. About 25 percent of funding for health care in the country comes from outside aid (2018, health care). Due to this people are unable to survive longer and their average life expectancy is less in all the three years.

Environmental: Central African Republic is a landlocked country located north of the equator, in almost the precise center of Africa. The climate is largely tropical, however, there are differences between regions in the north and south of the country. In general the climate is hot with an average monthly temperature recorded in the capital, Bangui, of 25°C (77°F) or more all year-round(2018,climate). Due to bad climate condition there is less population in the tropical area.

Over the next 15-20 years the biggest demographic challenge for this country is to increase the average life expectancy of the people so that the population growth is equal in all age groups. This is the biggest challenge because of poor health conditions and services and inadequate food distribution in society and as well as there is lower life expectancy, higher infant mortality rate ,high death rates and lower population growth going on currently in CFR.

In the end, Central African Republic is progressing country and the government is working on providing better health and food facilities to the people and the population get balanced in all age groups in upcoming years. Due to this population will able to survive longer and more and more start joining the workforce.


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