60 Years of Indian Republic

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60 years of Republic, "India" from the eyes of a common man. India is now progressing on the verge of becoming a developed nation through relentless efforts and thus reinforcing its stand globally. Today as we celebrate 60 years of republic it forces me think what has india achieved for a common man. Today still there are 80 million tribals in india, lakhs of people are still below poverty line which is a paradox for the country of vedas.

On the brighter side we assert on the very fact that we are developing, the development is essential but it shudn't be on the extent of taking the lives of innocent people, snatching the shelters of poor on the name of developing big glitzy malls. Well we cannot stop developing but we should be aware of the conditions which still prevail in india and the ones which are alleviated on the name of development. The tears and pains of mumbai attack are still in the eyes of thousands who lost their loved ones, and till date the assassins havnt been punished.

So can we feel happy to develop this way. This wasn't the India Bapu and Nehru ji had dreamt of, today we need to build a terror free and violence free india. An India of everyone's dreams! Being an Indian it aches to see the treasures of Gandhi ji being destroyed, as it happned when the Van Vasi Chetna Asharam was destroyed just because they violated against Salwa Judum, at Dantewada district in Chattisgarh. The communal harmony is still killing thousands just on the issue of being a hindu and a muslim.

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We still need enlightenment of our hearts for instilling in us the feelings of brotherhood and love! So that we dont witness again another Ram mandir and Babri masjid issue. Today when we talk of modernisation and development, these communal harmonies tear us apart and take us aback. The state is elected by the people but during the intercourse of development the worst sufferers are the poors who cannot exercise their rights, who are thrown away from their dwellings to rural places in the name of making the city clean and beautification.

The Nandigram violence is another set back which killed innocents in the name of development. So lets learn make others aware of the reality which India faces each chilly night, still there are thousand homeless, forced to spend night huddled in a single blanket when the whole city sleeps in quilts. I am not against development but it shudnt be carried out putting the guns on the shoulders of poor. Lets develop in a way that there occurs no harm to nybody, lets flourish with a feeling of love and lets be empathic towards the harsh realities of our country. Lets learn to raise voice against injustice and help the sufferers then whether the war be against individuals, big celebrities or the state, to stand with courage against the feigning personalities in politics or anywhere. If we kindle this spirit today, there would be thousands to follow and muster strength can work wonders, so lets spread this message with a hope to see india democratic in a real sense!

Let us condone our vindictiveness for religions and rise above the horizons where each human is equal in the eyes of almighty. This way we can carve a Beautiful India- the golden bird n true sense!!! last but not the least i cannot conclude without saying the lines- " SARE JAHAN SE ACHA HINDUSTAN HAMARA, HUM BULBULEIN HAI ISKI YE GULISTAN HAMARA" Jai Hind!!!!

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