Cement Production Process Description

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Little understanding of who the cement production process, cement production will be mentioned when it comes to "two grinding a burn", 'e they are: raw material preparation (a mill), Cement Clinker Processing Plant, cement grinding (two grinding) . In a portland cement plant, cement production has the following main stages. Prepare raw materials: Limestone is the main raw material for cement production , limestone is the main raw material for cement production .

Limestone is the largest amount of raw aterials for cement production , the larger the particle size after mining , high hardness , thus crushing the material crushing limestone cement plant occupies a more important position. Most of the raw material to be broken, such as limestone, clay , iron ore and coal. It is said that many manufacturers use Jaw crusher manufacturers in india production crusher for crushing . Limestone is the largest amount of raw materials for cement production , the larger the particle size after mining , high hardness , thus crushing the material rushing limestone cement plant occupies a more important position.

Raw materials and fuel poured into the pit by a dump truck unloading , fed by a plate feeder crusher broken. Raw materials crushed by a belt conveyor to the pre-homogenization yard. Prehomogenization memory of raw materials, to take the process of applying scientific stacker reclaimer technology to achieve the initial homogenization of raw materials , the raw material yard along with storage and homogenization function. Raw materials crushed by the pre- stacker tacker homogenization and stratification , and then take the feeder scraper reclaimer .

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Remove the raw material from the belt conveyor to the raw ingredients stations and other places. Grinding the raw material : in this phase using the vertical mill and a ball mill, a roller former use of the pressure leakage through the crushed material , which relied on the ball of the material for grinding. The new Crushing And Screening Plant production process, raw material composition is stable pit entry clinker burning thermal stability of the system under remise of raw material homogenization system plays a stable raw material composition pit entry last a gatekeeper role .

In continuous production line set up a raw meal silo storage and materials are metaplasia . After the raw material database partitions alternately inflated unloaded from the mixing chamber to the periphery of the annular region , the raw material in the mixing chamber is inflated uniformly stirred . After homogenization of material powder is measured after passing through air delivery chute and bucket hen through the dosing valve , valve locks were fed two feed ports dual series preheater .

Cement Clinker Processing Plant: Feed preheater raw material powder, after preheater and calciner pre-heat decomposition, the next five cyclone feed tube into the rotary kiln, and then fired at high temperatures in a kiln, and then through kilns fall into the cooler for cooling, the clinker is cooled to ambient temperature after +65 C, transported to clinker libraries and databases through yellow zipper machine.

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