My career goals and BSIS program

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I came to Mississippi State University as a transfer student, and I had change my major multiple of times. I realize that I was more confused about sticking with one major to complete to get my Bachelors's degree. Then a I came across the BSIS know as (Bachelors of Science in Interdisciplinary Studies) program, I knew then that this was the program for me. With the BSIS program, it is a great fit for my personal interest and goal. This gave me a chance to get two or three emphases in different studies, and the studies that I had chosen were General Business and Psychology. I had chosen these two studies because it fit my interest, my goals, and my passion.

The General Business emphasis area of this degree program will give me opportunities to develop skills in all areas of business. It will also develop knowledge and understanding with working in management and marketing positions. I preferred to work in a management position to better understand on how to operate a business in a more positive and skillful way. My goal with my business emphasis is to own my own business. I plan on opening up a rent-out studio want to be able to open up a rent-out studio. I planned on having multiple businesses in my near future.

The Psychology emphasis area, I feel would be a great combination with the business area. I say that because in the business field, there are people we have to engage and understand. By having a psychology degree, it will provide knowledge and skills to better assess and understand people. In this field, we have to understand how the mind operates in order to be a great Psychologist. I say all of this because in order to have a successful business; i have to understand what the people’s interest. I also enjoy helping people especially the one who are lost in and does not know which direction to go.

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By having knowledge in psychology, I would love to become more involved in high school teenagers. I want to start a program where I can get the different speakers and positive influencers to empower young women and men. I want to be able to speak with them, and I want to actually give them real-life experiences. I said that because psychology helps be to understand people, and I will be more prepared to counsel these young women and men. I have a passion to empower and uplift young teenagers, and I pray I can be a big help to someone in life.

By having an emphasis in Business, I would love to have my own beauty supply store and a daiquiri bar. I want my beauty supply store to be affordable and reasonable. It will be able to fit the customer's needs and want; so therefore I would love to see my beauty supply store to go nationwide. However, the daiquiri bar is also another business that I would love to have because people love to drink and enjoy their friends. Having my own business has always been a big goal for me, and I know this emphasis study will be worth having.

My career goals are all over the place, and I just do not have one set of goals. At one point in my life, I felt like a failure because I could not figure out what I want to do with my career. I use to listen to family members about which route I should take to have a successful career. On the other hand, I found the BSIS program, and this program gave me the opportunity to choose more than one career. My opinion is that the BSIS is a great program for me because I am a true all over the place. I love the fact that this program is open enough to combine all of our interest together because I do get bored really quickly. I just could not see myself choosing one major. I love Business because I love the idea of becoming my own boss. I enjoy Psychology because I enjoy helping to figure out how I can help other people to get better and to improve themselves.

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