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Business Research Problem/Opportunity Analysis

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Problem Statement

The employers, residential complexes, and hotel properties located in Arlington County, Virginia, just like any other urban places, experiences commutes that demands traffic and creates more tension. The Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP), recognizes that transportation alternatives must be provided through obtaining and displaying transportation information to commuters for free.

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Opportunity Statement

There is an opportunity to coordinate the commuter transportation benefits with the service of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP). It will provide a more accessible community, with the less hassle of traffic congestion, will reduce commuting costs and increase the benefits of resident commuters.

Situational Analysis

As traffic basically consumes ahead us and alarmingly intensifies as much as road capacity, it therefore leads to several stressful effects on part of the commuter. Figure 1 gives a vivid picture of how fast traffic has been growing.

Significantly, congestion affects and leaves a marked influence over a nation’s business. With the continual growth of this transit congestion, the business sector likewise finds it harder to go about trade and commerce. The nationwide partnership designed to aid employers and devise a custom-made solution to their employees' commuting impasses or commonly called Commuter’s Choice will provide viable, cost-reduced and effective program to address such challenge.

Business Research Process Outline

Management Dilemma 1

  • Transportation costs, traffic congestion and other dilemmas pertaining to commuting raises the management interest thereby causing an alarm in the management concern.

Management Questions 2

  • Management can eliminate the symptoms by providing low-cost transportation alternatives. Displaying information is readily available and free of charge.

Research Questions 3

  • The Arlington County Commuter Services Brochure Service can be availed by employers, residential centers, and hotel properties designated in Arlington County, Virginia via free delivery.

Investige Questions 4

  • A manager must know the best concerns of business-oriented or even simple civilians tasking errands for daily concerns. In this case, traffic being a major setback in the conduct of one’s business must be alleviated.

Measurement Questions 5

  • The growth of traffic and the primary distresses it contributes to the society must be observed for the preeminent deliverance of this service.

Management Decision 6

  • It is recommended that more advertisements about the Commuter Choice service of Arlington Transportation Partners (ATP) be carried out to the public and the consequent printing of brochures be likewise in function for the eventual transit convenience.

References ( July 2007)

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