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Opportunity and Issue Analysis

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Competition has been a major issue and concern for most of the organizations who are not well planned in their strategies and goal setting. Moreover since with the evolution of many dot-com companies taking a greater port in firms, companies could also try to deal with mass-marketing where in the consumers have to spend huge sum of money into marketing for the masses. The opportunity also demands the enterprise to understand consumer behavior with respect to online shopping and online purchasing.

Most of the marketers are very much concerned about the failure that has occurred for numerous dot-com companies which clearly indicate that the spin and the buzz for the target market is in acquiring customers rather than just existing in the market place. The major issue is also to check if there are any conflicts that happen in case the companies adopt web based online media’s for buying and selling.

Thus cannibalizing the outlets without conducting their own cannibalized own stores or resellers or agents are the main concepts which explains the firms business processes which helps them in getting an opportunity to analyze the brick and click mortar study. With the amount of web designing that is taking a greater shape in the present scenario it is clear that the firms are initiating and implementing the general trend of category leadership. The web based company can make use of internet marketing by conglomerating their services and processes with other partners who has the same aim and objective in mind.

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Opportunity and Issue Analysis

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Strengths / Weaknesses: The strengths of the firm are it helps the customers to get a clearer picture of the services and products that are offered. The business executives get an indication of the kind of promotional activities and web designing which other competitors will design. Web marketing also allows the customers to implement to choose from the variety that has been available at minimum cost and at their own convenient time that is available. But with the on sight of various failures that are happening in dot-com companies, it has created a kind of fear in them of not attaining success.

The weaknesses could be that very less trained executives exists to design excellent self explanatory web sites with less problems on complexity or poor accessibility and the time taken to download or upload. Lack of adequate infrastructural facilities and mechanism for carrying out customer grievances and inquiries and helping them in solving their queries and problems that they face are also some of the weaknesses that have been revealed by major companies.

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