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Business plan for Frasch Ren

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Frasch Ren alms to cater for these targets as they are more willing to pay a premium for the services because of the high level of professionalism and trustworthiness that will be offered. The companies profit margins as a percentage of sales are projected to be between 39-42%. The company will be a home-based business with Emmanuel Mapunde as the sole proprietor and employing one worker. After 10 months,the company plans to recruiting one extra staff member or more depending on the increase in number of contracted work. Situation Analysis Frasch Ren is entering its first year of businesses as a start up business.

Our main aim for growing the business for the first two years would be customer acquisition and maxlmlslng our revenue. We realise the market within the area has a number of competitors both large and small, to new entries and well experienced firms. Frasch Ren realises the need for a strong well structured marketing plan and strategy to obtain Its target market and be profitable. The business goals within the first year are to increase revenue Use technology as a means to obtain and retain customers 'OF6 equipment Diversify its service structure to offer other services such as office cleaning and street cleaning

We also aim to be known as a company that takes its work seriously, at the same time offering a friendly service that puts a lot fun and passion into the chores most individuals hate. We also aim to bring in new creative ways in offering cleaning services through the use of environmentally friendly products for cleaning, easy payment systems for clients, ease in scheduling for random appointments. Through research Frasch Ren has realised that customers within the area of operation want more that Just a clean house, they want a personalised service, efficiency, reliability, quality service and their questions answered quickly and competently.

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They would like to be seen as important and served by one regular provider. If there is a problem the customers would also want assurance the problem has been corrected, they dislike having to complain about a reoccurring problem and this has been a major issue being failed by current competitors. The profit margins are much higher in window cleaning compared to other sectors of the cleaning industry due to two main variables. Although other cleaning services such as office cleaning offer more sales. First, the rates per hour are typically double the rates of Janitorial services.

Secondly, the equipment is typically inexpensive and asts many years, resulting in lower costs ; higher profits. The current market condition is also in a very ripe position where many windows have been neglected over the past years due to the bad economy ; consumer cutbacks. Now is the time to capture those additional revenues and make this Window of Opportunity a reality.

Lead generation advertising

Frasch Ren Services employees will arrive at site wearing uniforms with company logo, they will also arrive with a van and use Job sight signs with its body having company logo and stating services offered by the company.

We believe that an ncreased visibility on the road provides an edge over internet only accessible providers. The company will also make the use of flyers and promotions which will be dropped at all the houses within the target area. Online promotions through our company websites, social media sites and Promotions sites such as Groupon and KGB deals will be also used. We also make use of photos i. e. before and after cleaning photos of areas cleaned. Public relations: Frasch Ren might also offer free cleaning for local Churches and Non Profit Organisations so as to market their services.

Will also offer discounted or first clean ree service to business clients such as real estate agents, shops , etc. We aim to attend networking events and meet up with contractors so to obtain new customers, market our services and obtain new contracts. We aim to offer free first clean for business clients to acquire them as a customer. Also offer coupons i. e. customers receive a free clean or inside clean after completing six cleans to household clients.

Hopefully these two marketing schemes will help in attracting new customers, and through the service offered they will refer customers to Frasch Ren, We will also offer discounts to customers who have referred us. Contracts and Tenders: The company will also approach companies directly to negotiate cleaning contracts. Most housing agencies and facilities management firms such as Redstones and ask to for cleaning companies to register with them, and offer a certain number of houses to clean depending on the area. We aim to register with these companies to obtain regular work.

After a year of operation and obtaining certification Franch Ren aims to apply for tenders advertised in newspapers, universities and government website such as contract finder and ted. europa. eu.

Lead conversion plan

Our Lead Conversion plan is that all calls are funnelled to one appointment maker who is the Director. He has an all round knowledge of how the business runs, educated on what to offer the customer and what the business can deliver. Appointments are scheduled on the database/calendar, notes taken on what the customer needs.

We aim to attend to customers need within 24 hours of receiving work. We also put all our customers on monthly call back schedule to remind them that its time to re-clean. We also send out quarterly coupons to give away for customers to use or pass on to other people to use. Through the use of technology nd intelligent software we will develop a system to analyse customer data. This will also help in saving more money as we will be able to concentrate more on the selling, analyse customer buying patterns and create data flows that will be able to allow cross selling and upselling when its needed.

With the systems put i place we will also be able to analyse purchasing history, levels of customer satisfaction, reduce on speculative cold calling.

Setting customer expectations

  1. Walk through: On every Job obtain information on what customer needs are as they change every time with every visit.
  2. Setting reasonable expectations: Setting a tandard set of expectations of work that is to be done. Being transparent and honest so as to save time and money or even loosing a customer if set standards are not reached. Quote: One of three things will happen. Either it will look better, it will look worse, or it will look the same. But if anyone can get it out, we can.
  3. We aim to educate the customer by going over the home or business, find out special concerns and address the reasonable expectations for resolving them. This to avoid making excuses in the end.
  4. We aim to build a good relationship with customers. Being more than Just a cleaning service but more of a consultant. Being a customer but are in line with our core business i. e. choosing the right windows that are easy to maintain or clean, teaching them how to care for their surfaces or windows before our visits this can be an opportunity to sell cleaning supplies to customers.

We aim to build trust and this is to be done through analysing the Jon, looking for discrepancies, what the customer wants and reality. Educate them on what to expect and why and then fulfil on our promise

Service outline

Our service experience is:

  1. Lead cleaner greets the client and goes over the plan for the home or business
  2. Lead discusses our process briefly and assigns teams to work all team members are dressed in branded clean, logo placed work attire
  3. Work is started by first setting up and staging any interior/exterior areas to protect work areas
  4. Lead offers progress update if all-day Job
  5. Lead offers to tour completed work to assure satisfaction
  6. Lead offers invoice with special referral offer
  7. Follow-up call from home office two days after completion

Market demographics

Our service area includes the South London Area with main concentration in areas of Shoeburyness, Thorpe Bay, Southend East and Central, Westcliff, Chalkwell and Leigh n Sea. It covers a 15 mile radius for the residential customers although this extends when obtaining business long term clients as we aim to concentrate within this sector in the long run.

The total targeted number of operations by the end of the year would be 400 households and 300 commercial businesses. The target market is not just a territory full of wealth people with large houses, it also encompasses dual income households, shops, large businesses, schools and retail organisation. Household customers tend to have expandable income due to the high income or pay within the London area. Most of the clients do not have the time to clean and tend to hire a maids service or specialist cleaners to cater or individual services. ost of the clients are either two income families, career professionals and elderly/retired people. Research has enabled us to note that most household customers would rather allow individuals and small customers to clean rather than hire larger firms. Market Needs Exemplary Customer Service: The target customers have money and are used to having excellent customer service. They expect a high level of quality washes, specialised to their needs and cleaning for heir business and household as they like to impress especially when being visited by friends or clients.

Ease in scheduling

Clients would like a service were they are not interfered from their daily duties, reason to make bookings and timely schedules and as much offer convenience to the customer and carry out the work at a fast pace respectively to avoid interference and also gain as much customers within the day. Clients would also appreciate ease in scheduling bookings i. e. through company websites, phone calls or via apps on their phones. Market Trends cleaning of using buckets, swidge and clothes. Most window cleaning companies that have a high sales volume have developed their operations into using technology CRM systems to attract customers, manage communication. They have also moved to using improved machinery such as Reach Pole systems that can clean up to 17ft, other equipment systems such as platforms, suspended scaffolds and Bosun Chairs are able to clean larger buildings. Companies have also moved from advertising through the use of leaflets and through the newspapers to using systems such as social media and blogs. As the company grows companies move to applying for tenders and larger contracts.

Future Market Trends Frasch Ren believes the cleaning service will evolve and technology will play a big role in making that happen. Tools such as online bookings, mobile apps for consumers and background automation through use of CRM systems will be a major drive in obtaining and retaining customers apart from good customers service. Eventually we believe as the market entrants increase some companies may partner with larger or smaller companies and also with estate management firms so as to gain an increased market share and increase efficiency and in the end offering a good service and a low cost to the customer.

SWOT Analysts

Frasch Ren believes the c Strength Strong management team Brand name Staff well experience in cleaning and renovation, this helps in overcoming the weaknesses as a new entrants in the area. Extensive growth through training and development helping the firm and its employees obtain expertise to function in a professional manner, reduce accidents at work, increase efficiency and also help in increasing growth for the firm.

Strong marketing strategy through the use of social media, site visits and tenders negotiations Low costs for startup: Weaknesses: Competition from companies working in the same geographical is moderate as there re a few small competitors working in the area. Seasonal Work: Work increases after winter as few customers are willing and workers willing to clean windows during winter.

This can be altered by diversifying into offering other cleaning services like carpet cleaning, street cleaning or using more developed cleaning machinery such as steam/heated cleaning water systems. Increased number of new entrants due to knowledge of high margin rates and profits, a number of self employed individuals are entering into the industry and offering cheaper options for clients i. e. maid service Opportunities: Innovation Expansion and diversification into offering other facilities services such as office and carpet cleaning, gardening and ironing services.

Continued Innovative Marketing Strategy by giving discounts, promotions, improved payment systems Improved organisational strategy that involves good training and development and as the firm groups be able to attract more work/ contracts, increase staff numbers, increase efficiency and safety at work. Threats: Change in tastes of consumers: This puts greater emphasis on regular market audits to be carried out and also a need to be creative in creating sales opportunites Substitute products Ability to increase work loads and obtaining large contracts may be hampered as the firm is a new entrant in the market.

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