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Building technology notes

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In a building frame, a structural element that is shorter than usual, as a Cogged Joint stud above a door opening or below a window sill is called 2. A carpentry Joint by two uneven timbers, each of which is notched at Bull-nosed step the place where they cross 3. A step usually lowest in a flight, having one or both ends rounded to a Gravity wall Quoin semi-circle and projecting beyond the face of the stair string's 4. A massive concrete wall that resists overturning by virtue of its own weight 5. In masonry, a hard stone or brick used to reinforce an external corner

Scarf Joint Baluster off wall 6. A type of half lapped Joint used to resist tension 7. One of a number of short vertical member often circular in section, Fenestration Fig. A-I mom Inflection point used to support a stair handrail 8. The arrangement and design of window in a building 9. What concrete block that is used in making a corner of an anchor wall 10. Lateral ties used for mom main bars for column is 1 1 . Refer to the portion of a beam where bending moment changes from Rowlock Scab positive to negative 12. A brick laid on its edge so that its end is visible 13.

A short flat piece of lumber which is bolted, nailed or screwed to Cross bridging butting pieces in order to splice them together 14. Diagonal bracing in pairs between adjacent floor Joist to prevent the Web Brad Pyramid roof joist from twisting 15. A bar used to hold the reinforcement on a beam 16. A small finishing nail is called 17. A roof wherein the four sides are sloping towards the center Stirrup Pile terminating at a point 18. A metal sheet used to connect girder and floor Joist at the same level 19. A slender structural unit introduced onto the ground to transmit load Soldier Pigment o underground strata 20.

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Brick set on end with the narrow side showing is called 21 . Finely divided solid particles added to the vehicle to contribute color CACM Carriage Channel CM Fig 8-2 Miter box and durability to the paint 22. End lapping of corrugated G. L. Roofing sheets 23. Inclined structural member that supports the steps of a stair 24. Structural steel shape having unsymmetrical balance 25. Hooked end off mom stirrups 26. Which among the concrete block is the header block 27. A device used as a guide of the hand saw in cutting object to form a Plastic hose with water 1 Com 40 bad. T. Fig.

C-3 Bosses Load bearing wall Effective length Volume Stirrups Cement Gypsum board Fade Skylight Soft wood Fire brick Plaster ground miter Joint 28. The best and accurate tool for guiding the work in establishing a horizontal level 29. Minimum thickness of suspended R. C. Slab 30. Total board foot of 10 PC's. 31 . Which among the brick work is a common Flemish bond 32. Clearer is a product of 33. Wall that support weight from above as well as their own dead weight 34. The distance between inflection point in the column when it breaks 35. The amount of space measured in cubic units. 6. A bended rod to resist shear and diagonal stresses in a concrete 37. The most important component to determine the strength of concrete 38. Another term for plaster board 39. The face or front of a building 40. An opening in the roof for admitting light 41 . Wood coming from trees with needle leaves, rather than broad leaves 42. A kind of brick used for high temperature 43. A nailed strip incorporated in rough concrete wall to be plastered to act as guide and support for finish trim around opening and near the base Span Rip-rap Striking tool Fig. D-2 Striping of the wall 44.

The distance between two structural supports 5. Stone placed on a slope to prevent erosion 46. Hammer is a 47. Which among the finger Joint is the hidden dove tail 48. The process of removing concrete forms from the cured concrete Purling 49. A structural member pning front truss to truss or supporting Anchor bolts rafters 50. Steel bent inserted in masonry construction for scouring wood or Lintel plates to concrete construction 51 . A horizontal piece of wood, stone, steel or concrete across the top of door or window opening to bear the weight of the walls above the Chord Sleeper Stud opening 52.

The placing of glass in windows and doors 53. A rejected building material because of its below standard grade 54. A Joint produced by lapping two pieces of materials 55. Lumber that still contains moisture or sap 56. The internal angle formed by the two roof slopes of a roof 57. A vertical board attached on the ends of the rafters. It is part of the cornice 58. A large heavy nail is referred to as 59. What is the scientific name of wood 60. A wall that holds back on earth embankment 61 . The term used to indicate top and lower principal member off roof or bridge truss 62.

Strips of hardwood usually 2"xx" laid over a concrete slab floor 63. A vertical tutorial member which acts as a supporting element in a Tyrone finish wall or partition 64. Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a hand Adiabatic curing operated machine 65. The curing of concrete or mortar without the gain or loss of heat Vinyl tile Creep Riser Plough during the curing period 66. A floor tile composed principally of polyvinyl chloride 67. The permanent deformation of a materials under a sustained load 68. The vertical face of a stair 69.

A groove extended along the edge or face of the wood member Glazing cull Lap Joint Green lumber Valley Fascia Spike Xylem Retaining wall Post-tensioning Ashlars brick Perforated tape Control Joint Hopper Parquet Wrought iron Lag screw Lead Goslings Admixture Gallivanted Seismic stile Baseboard Mortar Balalaikas Barbarian Contusion Saturday Rooster Sloshes Platelets Skittishly Abattoir Gillian Lastingly Tubs De banana Cesspool Pie De Gallo Bandier being cut parallel to grain 70. The stressing of unbounded tendons after concrete has cured 71 . A brick whose face has been hacked to resemble roughly hacked stone 72.

A type of tape used in finishing Joints between gypsum board 73. Employed to reduce restraint by accommodating movement of masonry walls 4. A window sash which opens inward and is hinged at the bottom 75. Inlaid wood flooring usually set in simple geometric pattern 76. Anchor bolts and strap are molded out of 77. Common hardware fastener for truss braces 78. Sealer type of washer for 6. 1. Roofing sheets 79. Trade name for anti-termite surface application on wood 80. Retards or accelerators concrete setting 81 . Coated with zinc 82. Technical term for earthquake 83.

Vertical frame of paneled door 84. Fascia between floor and wall 85. Cement, sand, and water 86. Filipino term for framework 87. Filipino term for bottom chord 88. Filipino term for collar 89. Filipino term for plastered course 90. Filipino term for purling 91 . Filipino term for wainscoting tiles 92. Filipino term for wrought iron strap 93. Filipino term for ceiling Joist 94. Filipino term for door fillet 95. Filipino term for girder 96. Filipino term for masonry fill 97. Filipino term for downspout 98. Filipino term for cabinet hinge 99. Filipino term for brace 100.

Filipino term for temper (metal work) Horizontal distance from the face of a lock or latch to the center of the knob or lock yielder A principal member of a truss Rough plaster finish obtained by flinging plaster on a wall with a hand operating machine A roofing tile which has the shape of "S" laid on its side A commercially pure iron of fibrous nature, valued for its corrosion resistance and ductility COLD JOINT A Joint formed when a concrete surface hardens before the next batch of concrete FOUNDATION WALL is placed against it Has high compressive strength but low tensile strength Horizontal surfaces on which the stone units lie on course That part of the foundation for a building which forms the permanent retaining wall

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