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Brandywine Battlefield Park

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Brandywine Battlefield is considered as one historical park under Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission in cooperation with the Brandywine Battlefield Historic Site Associates.

It is located on 50 acres near Chadds Ford, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The history of Battle of Brandywine on September 11, 1777 during the American revolution takes place here and it was a major victory for the British where they have succeeded in capturing Philadelphia.

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In 1949, This battlefield was established as a Pennsylvania State park. it is open to the public from 9 in the morning up to 4 in the afternoon from Tuesday to Saturday and on Sundays from12 noon to 4 in the afternoon.

Talking about the geographical location of the battlefield park, it is on the banks of Brandywine creek  in southeastern Pennsylvania. Since it is near Philadelphia it led directly to the land where the major battle of American revolution takes place. the creek is one major obstacle and serves as a moat that blocks the British access to the Schuylkill River and the Continental Congress both in Philadelphia.

It is also the crossroads of the Thirteen colonies. The road control was crucial to both supplies of British and Continental armies.

In the park you will see reenactors who portrays Hessian mercenaries, quaker farmers and British and continental soldiers during special events in the park. staffs and volunteers from the park provides daily tour visit to tourist about the battlefield and the park. hands on activities are also given to visitors as well as speeches and seminar sponsorships.

Much of the park and battlefield is preserved. it is tagged as a National Historical Landmark designated by the United States Congress  20 years after the Battle of Brandywine it was inaugurated in the year 1997. (Webster, 2007)

As you tour around the park you will see various pictures and even actual proofs that these park was once a site of a thriving farming community before the battle. there are homes of quaker farmers which has been restored tot heir 1777 appearance and can e viewed by everyone inside.

The headquarter used by George Washington before and after the battle is also located in the park and the name of the structure is The Benjamin Ring House. Inside the house there are collections of quaker style furniture with detailed historical information about the battle and the period of stay of Washington in the house. the house has an easy access of Chadds Ford where the British were expected to cross the river. inside this house, Washington held a council of war with his generals and plans their strategies.

It was also burnt out on September 16, 1931 and was already restored to its original 1777 look. Inside the Benjamin ring, is one fulling mill and one grist mill. the house is named after Mr. Benjamin ring who is considered as the most prominent businessman in the township.

On the opposite side of the park, the Gideon Glipin House is located and this house is also restored and furnished with vintages of Quaker furniture. Marquis  de Lafayette base operations was set here before and during the battle.

The visitors center inside the park has a Museum where the Battle of Brandywine and the American Revolution is presented as part of the modernization of the park to entertain visitors and give them more knowledge about he important event that happened in the said place. there is also a  permanent interpretive exhibit and an audio video presentation of graphics that tells the story of the battle and its relation to the campaign in Philadelphia in 1777.  the museum contains artifacts and explanations that gave more emphasis about the Battle of Brandywine

Brandywine Battlefield Historical park is easy to access for tourist and history lovers. outdoor picnic facilities are also available.  Restrooms, and park offices for reservations are also found where friendly park personnels can be found for further assistance during your visits. There are also gift shops and souvenir shops inside the park.

The Battlefield Park brings the action to life through authentic displays amid the hauntingly beautiful and tranquil rolling, wooded hills not far from where the battle was fought.

Work Cited

Webster, Nancy V. A Commonwealth Treasure: Brandywine Battlefield Park. Pennsylvania Heritage Magazine, February 12, 2007

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