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In every major city accidents happen in which people are injured or killed. These unintended injurious events are caused by a “mistake” made by the parties involved (Hughes). Many people are good drivers, but it would be good for people to learn to be better drivers. It will help people if they have to retake their license test when they renew their license. This will help them follow the road rules, be more respectful to other drivers, and avoid other distractions while driving.

If people follow the road rules, they will learn to become better drivers. There are many different rules that drivers have to learn in order to get their license. If they follow the same rules they learned in the beginning, then there shouldn’t be as many wrecks today as there are. If everyone has to retake their license test when their license expires, then that will help them remember the road rules. An article states, “U-turns account for over 19 deaths and 654 serious crashes between the year 2004 and 2008” (Road Safety). Recently there have been some changes in the road rules because there have been so many wrecks. In, “Five Thousand Teenagers Die Annually in Crashes” it states, “In 2004, more than 2,500 teens were in fatal crashes because of failing to yield or veering out of their lanes” (Hughes). Mistakes like this cause a lot more crashes. So it is important the people retake the license test so they learn to become better drivers so not so many accidents happen.

Drivers should learn to be more respectful toward other drivers. When driving, people don’t pay attention to other drivers. Such as at four way stops you need to make sure you wait until it’s your turn to go. Don’t just go because you don’t feel like waiting. “Intentionality can be seen in a range, from deliberate carelessness (hope no one gets hurt) to recklessness (too bad for them if they don’t get out of the way)” (Hughes). When drivers don’t care about other drivers on the road, more than likely, there are going to be accidents. An article states, “Weekly, there are stories reported of “accidents” that are really events based on bad decisions, which have predictable results” (Hughes).

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Drivers pay too much attention to other distractions. There are cell phones, radios, GPS’s, billboards, etc. A lot of drivers have wrecks because the distractions cause them to pay attention to something else other than driving. Devices aren’t the only distractions. When teenagers have friends in the car with them it is also a distraction. When teenagers drive with their friends, it causes them to not pay as much attention to the road as they should. “44% of teens acknowledge they drive more safely without friends in the car” (Hughes). Drivers need to pay attention to the road and other drivers instead of everything else going on.

Many people consider themselves good drivers. There are always ways that someone can become a better driver, even if you think you already are. In an article it states, “In the United States, an average of 5,000 teens die every year in car crashes- an average of 14 teenage lives lost every day” (Hughes). If everyone was as good of a driver as they think they are then that many teens would not die yearly. That is why everyone should have to retake their license test when they have to renew their license.

Sometimes accidents can just happen regardless of how good of a driver the person is. There is really no way of stopping these kinds of accidents except for trying to avoid them in all possible ways. But even if you try to avoid them, the accident might still happen. If drivers have to retake their license test it would help them keep aware of their surroundings and how to avoid accidents.

Everyone can learn to be a better driver by following the rules of the road, respecting other drivers, and by not getting distracted by other things. Although almost everyone says they are good drivers there is always room for improvement. Become a better driver so there will be fewer accidents yearly.

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