Basic Life Support Study Guide

Basic Life Support
A lifesaving procedure focused on Airway, Breathing, and Circulation
Smoking, Sedentary Lifestyle, High Blood Pressure, High Cholesterol, Stress, Type 2 Diabetes
What are the major controllable risk factors of Heart Disease?
Age, Gender, Family History
What are the less controllable risk factors of Heart Disease?
Blood flow to the heart is blocked (circulation problem)
What is a heart attack?
The heart malfunctions and stops breathing (electrical problem)
What is cardiac arrest?
Offers legal protection to people who give reasonable assistance to others; reduces hesitation for people to assist
What is the purpose of the Good Samaritan Law?
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Swelling or spasm
What else could cause a choking emergency besides food, toys, or small objects?
What is the First Aid for a person who is choking suddenly goes unconscious?
1 in 4
About _____ in _____ deaths in the US are from Heart Disease.
Chest/neck/back/arm pain, difficulty breathing/shortness of breath, nausea/pale skin, feeling weak/lightheaded
What are four classic warning signs of a heart attack?
Early 911, CPR, AED, and Advanced Medical Care
What are the steps to the Chain of Survival for Sudden Cardiac Arrest?
When performing regular CPR (Compressions and Breaths), what is the ratio of compressions to breaths per cycle?
When performing Hands-Only CPR, how many compressions should be completed within one minute?
In an emergency with a drowning victim
When is Hands-Only CPR not recommended (What type of emergency)?
If you have to leave them to get help
When should you place a victim on their side?
Blood flow to an area of the brain is cut off
What is a stroke?
Face – Ask the person to smile. Does one side of their face droop?
Arms – Ask them to raise both arms. Does one arm drift downward?
Speech – Ask them to repeat something simple. Is their speech slurred?
Time – If you observe any of these call 911 immediately
What does FAST stand for in relation to assessing for a stroke?
Compressions, airway, breathing
What does C A B stand for in relation to CPR?
Breathing, body movement, and coughing
What are the three signs of circulation?
So you don’t become a victim
Why is it important to survey the scene in any emergency?
Do 30 compressions
After activating the Emergency Response System (Call 911), what should the First Aider do next?
Tilt the victim’s head back and lift their chin
What type of technique is used to open (clear) the airway?
Gasping breaths, not normal breathing
What are agonal respirations?
If you have gloves or a barrier device, use them
As a First Aider, what precautions can you take in an emergency?
What is the FIrst Aid Axiom to help you think through an emergency (keep your wits)?