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Baseball Research Paper

On the research topic of major league baseball our goal is to research the dependence of salary, wins, and how many attend the games on an average.The issue is do salaries and overall team revenue based on wins or individual talent.Through research this question of is does the overall team salary depend on one more than the other.

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Is one factor more important than the next. Also is whether the league national or American plays a role in the overall salary from the start not factoring in the statistics of the actual games played by the team.Through the research we know that fourteen out of the twenty nine teams are Amercian.

Of those fourteen teams none of which have the most of wins. The team with the most wins is St. Louis. However on average the American have an overall higher win average. The New York Yankees of the American League has the most attendance. But this could be dependent of population of actual city and not the amount of wins. The New York Yankees also has the biggest sized stadium.

Along with 229 home runs the most in the league.This team has a high performance rate. The next highest paid team by the millions is the Boston Red Socks. They are paid 123. 5 million dollars. This is also an American League team. They tie with wins with the Yankees at 95 wins.

So there’s a problem with dependency among the 29 major league teams and how they get the team salary from the data. Through our research we will find the most impacting factors that end up making the final salaries by the million in major league baseball teams.But then if we move to Cleveland they only bring in 41 million to the team but they have 93 wins. There are a lot more teams making much more than them with far less wins like the Mets with 101. 3 million with only 83 wins or Detroit with 69 million and only 71 wins. So this shows that it cannot be fully depend on wins alone. Through our research the question of salary and its factors of dependency in major league baseball will be answered.

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