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Back to the Dreamtime

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Based on the story “Back to the dreamtime” the relationship of two main characters which I choose is Richard and his adoptive brothers, Tom. Richard father was an aboriginal descent, and he died when Richard was two year old. This proof from page 7, said Richard “my father was an aboriginal and he died when I was two year old.

They very close relationship because they in same age and Tom are more elder then Richard, this can be proof on page 23 from the conversation between tom and Richard “that what older brothers are for” said by tom jokingly, yeah only just a bit older said Richard “two months to be exact” from this we know that, tom is older than Richard two month, but there are not brother with blood relation. Richard is adoptive children in Tom family and from Aboriginal family. Then, parent Tom is Joe and Sonya and have only one sister, Judy.

This family is happiness family because parent Tom take care and love Richard same with their children. Tom and Richard very close because always share sadness and happiness together. We can see in chapter 1, Tom ask Richard about problem Richard and plan Richard after study. They study in the same school. Every day they went to school together. Proof from page 6, “come on now, let go, or we will be late for school”. Richard, Tom and Judy also usually play together in weekend and they favorite sport is cricket.

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They always cooperation to become good teachers in cricket to their sister, Judy. They also together to clean up the attic together that ask from their father. They very respect their father and not protest when their ask father to clean up attic and that time, they in start to play cricket together with their sibling. In chapter 2, although they think cannot to finish their job that day because very mess that attic to clean up, the steady to clean up and accept opinion Judy. Tom also close with Richard friend, they always hang out together.

They usually hang out at their favorite place that just down the road and sat near the edge of the cliff. This proof from page 14, tom and Bradley left the school grounds secretly to go to their favourite place just down the road, but still close enough for the school bell to be heard. They also enjoy with watching the surfers battling the waves and coming off second best. In chapter 3, they discuss about camp at Alice Spring at that place. In chapter 5 also, they have hang out at the railway tracks.

They discuss about planning to go Alice Spring and Bradley planning to follow together and they agree with that because Bratley and his father usually go to explore. Tom also responsible brother, in chapter 5, Richard and their parent need go to Alice Spring to solve problem about carver, Tjurunga. That time, with feel responsible ,he ask Richard to follow go to Alice Spring together because he know Richard not go that place to holiday but have serious matter. He as brother feel responsible to take care and help their brother.

For example Tom wanted to come along with Richard to go to Alice Spring to help Richard find more information about his aboriginal life. Although Tom has no connection with Richard’s life but he is willing to sacrifice his break time and not going for holiday to come along with Richard. He know when together ,their parent and Richard will a lot better . He only give reason to go take great photos at that place. Tom also easy to suitable with Richard environment that from aboriginal. In chapter 6, they meet Mr. Aranda to ask about carver, Tjurunga and Mr.

Aranda invite to go their house to rest and eat. Although first meet, they start to close with Mr. Aranda because he so nice and ready to help . In chapter 6, they go Hermannsburg Mission to meet Mr. Urandangi to solve their problem about carver, Tjurunga. That place over forty years ago not have guest from white people and Tom and Bradley is first after that. Although they can suitable with that condition and have some time they see villagers always see they with strange sight. As conclusion, Tom and Richard so close and always take care together as like friend.

Although Richard only adoptive children, their family still consider Richard like son and Tom still take care about Richard same he take care their sister Judy. In addition, Tom is a good friend for his brother Richard. For example, when Richard look so confused, Tom come to give Richard some advice such as Tom told Richard that not to give up. Then, Richard must face up to who you really are and he has to come to terms with his new world. Richard also must to be a strong person. So, this advice make Richard feel happy.

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